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Creating Quality Sales Page For Increasing Sales And More Profit


“More Profit” the inner drive of every entrepreneur. Creating quality sales page is the foremost step to increase your online business profit that’s a known & proven fact. Recently, we published an article on methods to fine tune and increase affiliate sale there we discussed about sales page & targeted visitors. To digg more on sales page this article born today. Only for beginners, What is a sales page ? Every product goes visible to a customer through a medium (shop/store in real world) and for Internet based business it reaches though a web page that contains the product details + order link called the sales page. So it all depends on the matter of getting right people to the right sales page. Lets understand how to create quality sales page ?

Serve The Need of Visitor.

Serving the need of your visitors is the mantra of pushing a product for sale. There are two steps, someone has to look for a product and your business should serve that product. If these two steps are in sync then you will get a sale. So your business has to serve the visitor who is looking for a product ? Now the question comes, how do you serve the visitor ? It has a length answer but to make it short you should keep in mind that you are going to serve the visitor through your sales page.

And basically, your sales page should contain great information about the product. And you should sell a product (say, the product should help the visitor to solve a problem). Thats the mean of serving your visitor.

Converting Visitors Into Customers.

Secondly, you should understand that a “Visitor” is a one who comes to your sales page and a “Customer” is a one who buys the product from your sales page. In reality, the secret of quality sales page is that it should convert your visitors into customers. How do you convert ? Answer is simple, by brain washing the visitor. How do you brain wash ? By driving/dumping the visitors mind with quality information related to your product taken for sale. When a visitors reads or finds good information about the product his mind will be filled with that data. It may drive him ahead to make an order. So publish quality product information on the sales page. A page of information with 400 words is well enough to convert traffic into customers.

Knowing What To Publish On Sales Page ?

Some of factors that makes your sales page into quality sales page are as follows,

  • Give a decent introduction about the product, that should make the reader to understand the product purpose on seeing the sales page first.
  • List down the features of product covering the simple to more advanced features in the sales page.
  • Tell the advantages or the special qualities of the product when compared to others.
  • Give out a video description/suite of the product, if you are interested.
  • Tell what problem your product solves ? The most important portion of the sales page, at least you should mention this in 1 or 2 lines. For sure your visitor wants to solve a problem, for that reason only he is looking for a product to buy. So tell him, you are solving that problem.
  • Finally, take him to the order page decently. You should ask him in the end like “try it”, “download now”, “get instantly” etc…that simply drives the visitor to click & reach the order form.

All over build TRUST.

Creating visitors Trust the most toughest part that decides your results. Yes, without trust on you how do they buy a product ? No, how do you build trust ? Just follow the above 6 points and show that you are a professional. That means, your sales page should look professionally build and show have few factors that increases the professional touch & builds the so called trust. The factors are, Showing your logo, adding an about page, contact details, customer care details (if you have support), a FAQ page and showing certifications (if your product got approved for any), thats it. You have built the trust.

To summarize in a single statement, your sales page should contain quality information related to the product that builds trust and converts the visitor into customer. Hence “More Sales”, “More Profit”.


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