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Clickbank For Beginners – 4 Videos To Learn Clickbank


Clickbank one of the leading affiliate network in the world. Its more famous because of the highest commissions paid upto 75%. And many are making decent income using clickbank and few are even living a life with Clickbank. It has more number of digital products in many categories & its really simple to select an affiliate product within minutes. I would recommend, beginners to go for clickbank because its easy to operate your account, you don’t really need a tech knowledge.

This is a very short article which has 4 videos that helps beginners like you, to learn about Clickbank. Watch these videos & be success as a Clickbank Affiliate.

Video 1: How To Create Clickbank Account ?

Video 2: How To Create Hop Links (Affiliate Links) ?

Video 3: Understanding Gravity.

Video 4: How To Find good & Profitable Affiliaite Products from Clickbank ?

To mention the following are key points to note in using Clickbank for making money:

  • Do the Affiliate product adds value to the buyer ?
  • Do the Affiliate product solves a problem ?
  • Do the Affiliate Page looks good ? like clear & details information about the product.
  • Don’t select a very low gravity product, it may not sell good.
  • Don’t select a high gravity product because many people will be selling that product.
  • So select a product with moderate gravity.
  • Do keyword research (give the purpose of product in words as input) using Google Keyword Tool & find out its demand in Internet.
  • Select 2 products and see how it goes ? Then select few more similar products if you see positive results. If you see negative results then jump back to different kind of product.
  • Use Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing only to drive paid traffic. Have an eye on budget, increase CTR, Keywords & track the conversion/sale from which keywords really convert ?
  • Use Article Marketing & Forum Marketing to sell your products. Because you will be making 100% Affiliate profits as you will get free traffic.
  • Selling clickbank products is the quickest method to earn from Internet, at the same time you may do quick mistakes too.


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