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Cheapest Methods To Make Money From Internet


Looking for the methods to make money from Internet ? That’s right and interesting decision you had taken today. And you are more specific to find the cheapest methods, right ? You have landed in the right page & this article locates you the best methods that are dead cheap in Internet. But for sure, Internet is too flexible to work because you could work on any job that you like. Also, it gives the opportunity to work from anywhere and work at anytime. You could even make money while sleeping, that’s interesting right ?

How Cheap Is Internet Business ?

Okay, before we dig through the cheapest methods lets see how cheap you could start an online business in Internet. Its a very beginner question and answer comes like, its cheaper as zero cost to less than 50 to100$ and sometimes more than that money too. But in reality, Internet business is cheaper but i never say, its simpler. It becomes simpler, when you do the right stuffs. Otherwise, you will end up in trouble without making money.

Even long time back, i started free blogs with 0 cost investment and latter realized the importance of building own web sites. So my investment to my online business is cheaper around 50$ per year. But the business growth are huge you know that really incomparable to my investment. There are many more opportunities to make money and almost all kind of methods are cheaper in Internet.

But starting from the right place and operating your Internet business in the right way is more important than considering the investment required.

So don’t bother about cheaper/costlier, see the results…(not an advice). ­čÖé

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Save Money & Smile !
Save Money & Smile !

What Are Those Methods To Make Money ?

I don’t want to drag the article any more. The following methods are common and few you may know already. But without doubts, these are the cheapest methods to make money from Internet either with no investment or cheapest investment.

Blogs Are Freedom Business.

The most fun and solid method of making money is through Blog platforms. Blogs are “Freedom Business” (the term that no one referred to blogs before). Its gives the complete freedom to drive your blog and no matter what the investment could be. From free blogs, you have blogger.com to instantly launch a brand new blog. Totally, the invest is ‘0’ or NIL. Just take your computer with Internet connection is enough. But blogging is not that simple as many of the beginners think. It requires many factors like patience, knowledge, time, writing skills, marketing skills and much more.

I would like to tell you 4 main points about blogs for money.

  • You must select a blog topic which you are interested in your life.
  • Keep visitors at the top priority and help them by providing useful content.
  • Work consistently for the blog growth and don’t expect income always.
  • Optimize your blog for search engines.

Finally, money rolls in….you can simple follow my steps to create your first blog.

Learn How To Make Money From Blogging (with JC).

Start Selling Affiliate Products.

Now its selling products over Internet. You don’t need to work about delivering the product or maintaining the inventory or stock. That trend had changed by means of affiliate products. Sites like Amazon, Clickbank are there to select digital products which are downloadable & easy to promote. You will be given with affiliate links for the product that you select and you have to drive sales. For each sale you make, you will be paid commission. So the more products if you sell, you will earn more money.

Now coming to selling products, how to do that ?

Its a wider topic but to mention the 2 best methods are: Using paid advertising through Google Adwords (costly way). Or Using SEO (through blogging, easy way but little hard work required)

I would like to tell you 4 main points about affiliate marketing business.

  • Select Affiliate Products which has moderate demand in the market.
  • Do extensive keyword research (which tells the demand) using Google Planner┬áTool┬áor SEMRush Tool.
  • Give good advice to people related to those products by starting a blog. (of course, link to the products from your blog)
  • Experiment with variety of products and use more focused topic┬áto drive┬ámore┬ásales.

Read more about, how to start Making Money as Affiliate Marketer.

Business With Domain Name Reselling.

Domain names (web site names) are highly in demand now-a-days. And looks more than 90% of dictionary words are already taken for domain names. So if you find one word or 2 word domain names then that’s a gold mine. Registering a domain name is cheaper less than 10$. And you could register a domain name in minutes and you could register any number of domain names. Now the deal is to sell the domain name for great money. Demanding names may go for more than 1000$ sale. Its really a hot Internet business.

Find demanding and hot domain names that’s well enough for this method to make money. Sedo, Godaddy are the places to start selling domain names.

Read more about Making Money by Selling Domain Names.

Quick Start Your Online Store. [/fusion_builder_column][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”no” center_content=”no” min_height=”none”][I no longer cover this topic]

Online stores are dead cheaper now-a-days. You could simply turn your existing blog into an online store by just integrating the affiliate links.

Or host a new web site to start Open Source ecommerce Business. Add products to your site and start promoting the site for making sales.

Or another best way, go to Yahoo Stores and it has the step-by-step installation wizard which makes your online store in minutes. You have to spend few dollars to get ready your store with Yahoo but this is one of the oldest, famous way of building online stores. It all depends on how good quality products you sell in your store. I would recommend you to sell seasonal products, one example could be selling Christmas products during Christmas season.

Few points to note about running an online stores.

  • Sell quality products and ask yourself whether will product help buyers ?
  • Have a professional design and use wise marketing words so that it builds the TRUST with visitors.
  • Place the order button in both top, side, bottom parts of your web page, that yields more clicks.
  • Tell both the positive and negative facts about the product and never cheat the buyer.
  • More important, don’t force the visitor to buy the product instead try to brain wash his mind to buy the products.

Read more about How to create online store ? an article which explains in steps.

Few other Methods To Make Money.

Become Money Writer. Do you have writing interest ? then same like blogging you could publish articles to revenue sharing sites. To mention hubpages, squidoo are the best places to publish articles and at the same time they will share the revenue from Adsense, amazon, kontera networks to you. You could do this along with your blog so that you achieve two results: one promoting your blog for search engines and second you could make extra money. No invest required, its free.

Paid surveys. Sites like projectpayday.com, cashcrate.com are offering paid surveys. You have to fill the survey forms by giving your opinion about the products or services shown to you. You will be paid money for each completed survey. Its very simple and no investment to start.

Photography Method. Take you camera and click some good pictures. Upload to shutterstock.com and you will be paid for that, based on number of times your photo gets download from their site. Its free to join shutterstock.com.

I have few Unrecommended methods to make money, just go through it to make good decisions.

Some More Help on Money Making From Internet.

Bonus Tips From Other Sites…

Browse through my blog, you will feel more useful stuffs….If you need more info, just put a comment and i will jump in writing articles to help readers on what you need !




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