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Do Business Evidence Is Required To Win New Customers Online ?


Do you need business evidence’s to win your customers especially over Internet ? Its a dump question, i would say. Customers are the source of everything to your business. Starting from selling the products till making profits. It solely depends on, how you are satisfying your customers coming to your web site. In order to win customers, there are many things required in your online business site.

  • Branding, Professionalism, Unique Business and Quality of service are the major milestones required to satisfy your customer base.
  • Apart from these, Showing “business evidence” to your customer brings in major impact to your business. Lets see, how it wins new customers in detail ?

Building The TRUST.

TRUST is one of the major factor which lays between your business and customers. The more the trust may lead to more benefits to your business. At the same time, building Trust is the toughest part of your business online.

  • Showing evidence in terms of Proofs, Testimonials, Video’s showing the reality are few of the important evidences for your business.
  • It gives the confidence to your customers and makes them to trust you.
  • Customers do believe your words and believe in what you recommend to them.
  • Here is Microsoft’s small biz resource on building Trust.

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The Evidence !
The Evidence !

Driving More Profits.

When you are able to build the Trust, definitely you could drive profits. Whatever you offer from your web site, either a product (a digital ebook or software) or a service (SEO or web design services), you could drive more customers. You could drive more sales and hence more profits. When there is a lack of trust, you could not achieve anything with your business.

Repeat Customers.

One of the toughest part of business is getting repeat customers. You will get repeat visitors only when they are satisfied with your service. When satisfied, customers will come back to your business.

  • Trust + Quality of service are the two major stepping stones in business.
  • Build trust by showing evidences.
  • And keep Quality everywhere in your business.

Lets see few examples on how to show evidences in your business ?

  • Product Video Demo – A video showing a demo of a product or your service. It should give the big picture about your business. It should be the marketing video.
  • Testimonials – Showing REAL testimonials directly from the customers site. Instead of putting fake testimonials, if you directly show them in your customers site, it shows trust worthy.
  • Results/Reports – Reports are the major evidences that you could release from your web site. For example, if you are running a SEO service, you could show the results of your SEO service for one of your customer.
  • Business Case Studies – Case studies are experiments that you conduct with your business. Showing such example studies brings in more believe on you.
  • Yearly Achievements – List down your achievements to the customers, it shows the progress/growth of your business in a wider spectrum.
  • Live Trial Demo’s – You could offer trial demo’s to your visitors so that they could try out your product/service. If they are satisfied, for sure they will become your customers.

Apart from Quality, showing evidences brings in TRUST and converts every visitor coming to your site into Customers. Hence business evidences are 100% required to win new customers !

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