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Business Competitors – How To Analyze Your Business Competitors Traffic And Quality of Service ?


First of all, you should know business is competition. The interesting fact is that, you should not avoid the competition, you should understand the business competition and react better. Knowing who are all the competitors in your business and finding out what they are specially offering and how they are good ? are much more essential in the journey of successful online business.

To make this analysis short, we have identified two factors that you should know about your business competitors. Atleast knowing these two factors is well enough to beat the competition at great extent. Now, what are these two factors ?

  • Analyze the competitors website Traffic – This helps you to understand how much visitors your business competitor is gaining at any point of time. Helps to know approximately how much customers your competitor is holding in the business.
  • Analyze the competitors quality of service – Here needs a bit of common sense to see how the competitor is offering the service or product, and how quality is that service ?

Okay, lets see each of these factor little more detailed.

Analyze The Competitors Website Traffic.

Analyzing the traffic of your business competitors website is the most important part of beating the competition. This shows you how much the competitor is strengthened in the business. That’s great right ?
When it comes to traffic, you should consider the following facts.

  • How many visitors are coming to the website ?
  • How many links are pointing back to the competitors website ?
  • What is the search engine results position ?

Is it possible to know all these things ? Yes, there are handy tools available online to help you to find out these informations.

Alexa, the most powerful tool that ranks the website. It provides you the required information about the competitors website. You could download alexa toolbar and that simply integrates into your web browser. It shows you how much unique visitors the website gains and also the number of page views that occurs every day. Its shows the traffic statistics as a graph that helps to easily identify the competitors web traffic.

Alexa ranks (five-stars) the websites based on these traffic factors. It also shows how many links are coming to a particular website ? That feeds you the real strength of your business competitor. There is alexa search engine that helps you to quick look for these information and compare different URLs.

Backlink Checker – the tool use to find out how many links are pointing to any given website. Just search your competitors website and see how many links are pointing to them. This gives a rough idea about the various sources of traffic ie., from where the visitors are coming ?

Also, you could check each of the link to find out how quality is the page that links. Because not all the referring pages are worth to drive traffic. For example, if your competitor is getting a link from cnn.com then for sure that drives more traffic to their site. At the same time, if they are getting a link for smaller blog then it will be less. So the point here is, identify the quality links and measure the strength of the competitor.

Search Engine Result Position, when it comes to serp, keywords are more important. In analysing the competitors business and its SE position, you should first identify the competitors target keywords. The handy tool is google keyword tool which is free to use and it helps you to diagnose any website. Its shows the list of kewords used in a particular website. You have to select the option “website content” and give your competitors URL. It lists you the set of keywords found on their site. Now look for high traffic keywords and use the position checker tool to find out what position your competitor website takes for a particular keyword.

This really helps you to identify the seo strength of your competitor. You could improve your website for the keywords that are having higher traffic and there your competitor failing to position good. ie., filling the gaps like on what ever keywords the competitor is failing you could make yourself to win the position for those keywords. That makes sense right ?

Analyze The Competitors Quality of Service

We have discussed much about the business competitor traffic and now comes the quality. One more thing, we have framed few tips to stand out from business competition that you could read sometime. To make it short, we have identified few factors that helps you on how to identify the quality of the business ?

Are Their Business Professional ? Give a glance at your business competitor, just see are they looking professional ? Measure their professionalism, some of the things to see are good website design, easier navigation, fasting loading of pages and images, their contact information, their about page, customer support page. Compare the same with your website and see how far they are good or bad.

Do the Competitor Products are quality ? Check what kind of product or service your competitor is offering ? Are they quality products ? You should know fully about their product because you two are in the same track of the business. Check for the speciality in their product, check for the peculiar thing in their product and compare with your products/service. Look are they offering any valuable resource for free ?

Customer feedback’s ? Customers feedback’s are the priority factor to consider in business. Look for their customer feedback’s, read the reviews around the web to find out what the customers are thinking about your business competitor. Search Google for the reviews, you could get more information. Collect all these information and make a analysis report. Figure out, how much percentage of customers giving positive response and how much giving negative response. Prepare a similar report for your business and compare these two. This gives you exactly how far your are lagging or gaining in the competition. React accordingly.

It is true that you can’t avoid competition but it is good to understand your competitors and his business especially their web site traffic and their quality of service. This really helps you to tweak your business towards winning success.


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