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Burst Media Review – Money Making From Burst Media Advertising Network (Performance/Display Advertising)


This is a pre-review of Burst Media Online Advertising Network. Burst Media was established in 1995 and it is one of the oldest Ad Network in Internet. Driven by the adConductor which helps to manage the features and functionality of Publishers and Advertisers. One of the unique statement that i hear from their site is, Long Tail Publishers which i believe they meant “the Quality of Publishers they have”. Yes, it is more important for an Advertising network to have quality Publishers as well quality Advertisers.

There are two models of revenue generation with Burst Media:

  • Burst Network – Its CPM based network where you will be paid for every 1K impression your site generates. It gives you the full control to select which Advertisements to run on your site. It has CPC based revenue model too (i believe).
  • Burst Direct – For high quality publishers with huge traffic, you could directly get advertisers to your site for a fixed rate (i believe). Best suited for high traffic sites.


To join Burst Media, there are minimum eligibility requirements as follows:

  • Your site must have minimum of 25K monthly page views or 5K monthly “unique” page views.
  • To participate in Burst Direct, your site must drive 100K monthly page views or 20K monthly “unique” page views.
  • Your site content must be in English.
  • You should the owner of the TLD (that means blogger or wordpress based free blogs are not allowed to join).
  • You must have a privacy policy for Burst Media.
  • See more Publisher Eligibility here.

Contract Rates.

Looks there are contract rates for publishers. You have to share 45% of you revenue to Burst and you will earn only 55% of the revenue from Advertisers (for yearly contract). For standard month-to-month contracts, you have to share 50% to Burst. I am not sure, whether it will be transparent to the Publisher or its openly shared.

  • Minimum threshold to make you payment from Burst is $50 and you will be paid on the 15th of each month.
  • Paypal and Check are the common methods of payment apart from EFT transfer to certain countries like US, UK, Canada.
  • One Interesting thing about Burst, they track your performance on hourly basis that means, you could see more recent statistics in your account. That no other advertising network offers, i believe.

Burst has variety of Ad formats ranging from 12×125 to 468×60 as well as Pop-ups, pop-unders and layer Ads too. And it supports different Ad styles like Floating Ads, Expandable Ads, Polite Ads etc.

  • You could apply free for Burst Media as publisher.
  • Check their FAQ page for more information.

From the eligibility requirements, i am sure that Burst Media advertising network is best suited money making business for sites with high traffic. And its not suitable for low traffic web sites.



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