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Basics of Business Plan and Preparing an Online Business Plan


Every business needs a plan to run. Without a business plan, it is like driving without a road. A plan is something about your business future. A business plan should explain your next steps for the growth of your business. Every individual entrepreneur or a business giant should need a plan (a document or a note) about your business.

A well written business plan could help you and your business in numerous ways. It makes your next steps clearly defined. So you have to understand what your business plan should contain ?

Every business plan should explain your business goals. The methodologies that you are taken into consideration. For example, the methods of advertising and marketing your business. The level of competition that you are ready to face in your business domain. The financial level and budget, the amount of money that you are ready to spend to run your online business. Everything put together step-by-step as a note or document. That’s the very simplest business plan that any one could easily prepare in minutes.

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Art of Business Plan
Art of Business Plan

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So to be more clear the following should be the major sections of your business plan.

Planning For Business Domain.

The domain of your business, how good and productive your domain ? The level of competition, your level of ability to face and break that competition. You have to identify everything while starting your business. Without proper understanding or analyzing your business domain you could not prepare a good plan. You should know the hot trends and the history of the product or service that you are offering through your business. That is called the Market Research. Conduct effective and enough research about your business market and come up with start up plans.

Planning For Business Competition.

As we always tell, business is full of competition. You could not avoid the competition but you could understand the competition. Also, you should know your strengths and weakness, that helps to decide that you could either break the competition or not. Say for example, if you are launching a website or blog (either content based or product based) you have to understand the level of competition. At least you should be able to decide the target keywords that you are focusing for search engine results or traffic, your site design and most importantly your target audience (customer). So device these kind of information by understanding the competition. List the plus and minus of your competitions and the alternatives that you are planning to face them in the field.

Planning For Growth Strategies.

Keeping an eye on your business growth is more important even from the starting stage to till the end. You have to tweak your growth strategies through out the process of your online business. Any online business based business should have the target for growth level. Even the individual entrepreneurs should have their own strategies for growth. Some of these growth strategies are:

  • Financial Control – How do you control the flow of money ? The amount of money that you spend and earn should be in your control.
  • Marketing Strategies – You have to tweak your marketing approaches based on the results periodically. Because the Internet business platform is dynamic in nature. Today, web 2.0 is the cheapest and peaked method of marketing a business online. Tomorrow a new set of methods you have to follow, basically you should be ready to alter your marketing methods at anytime. Thats called Dynamic Marketing Approach.

Few days back, we published an article about elements of business plan. Here is the snippet of preparing a business plan.

  • Business Brand Name. Make sure to find a good and catchy brand name.
  • Business Goals. Define the ultimate goal of your business and ideas for onlineĀ  business.
  • Uniqueness (product or site). What you are doing unique in your business ? To beat business competition.
  • Risks. Have you identified the risks involved in running your business ?
  • Product Description. How quality content you will produce about your product or topic or service ?
  • Competition. Your plan on how to analyze business competitors ?
  • Market Analysis. Plan for how to investigae business market and the trends. Collect the historic data and find out how the market is going up and down ?
  • Tools. A plan for using essential and free business tools.
  • SEO Planning. Make a plan to target for a search engine results (on-page and off-page optimization methods). And your site design.
  • Financial Plan. Analyze and come up with the start up cost involved (like domain hosting, web design etc) and operational cost (like advertising, marketing costs).
  • Social Marketing. Your marketing plan for using Twitter, Facebook and how to leverage blogs for online business promotion ?

A business plan is the key to drive your business in the right direction. You should spend quality time in preparing a business plan and for that you have to understand your business first. So take time, understand your business (especially the competition), prepare a plan and finally execute the plan in effective way.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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