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BannerSpace Review – Money Making with BannerSpace Banner Advertising Network


This is a pre-review of BannerSpace Advertising Network. Banner Advertising’s are still famous in Internet and many of the bloggers are making great income out of it. In fact, web sites which drives huge traffic are generally making decent revenue especially from Banner Ads. Basically, if more number of impressions your web site generates then it makes you more money. So the impressions count matters in banner advertising.

Banner Space dot com

BannerSpace.com is such an Advertising network specially designed to serve banner Ads. It offers publishers variety of Ad formats like 125×125, 468×80, 720×300 etc. and you could plug them at any spot on your site. Getting started with BannerSpace is simple, just Register for free. Your application will be reviewed by their staff and get approved in few days. There are no minimum traffic requirement to join BannerSpace, i believe.

Once approved, you could pull the Advertisement code and plug it on your site. That’s it, banner Ads will be rotated on your site. It depends on, how well your site performs like the content, number of impressions it generates and its performance. As mentioned, the content and its relevancy to the advertisement affects the performance. When i say performance, it includes the Click-Through-Rate (CTR), conversion or sales driven to the Advertisers.

See BannerSpace’s FAQ page for more information on how much they are paying per CPM as well the CPC. Pop-unders, 160×600, 120,×600 are the best performing banner ads provided by BannerSpace. They are paying up to the maximum of $3.50 per CPM.

  • Admanage, is the special reporting and performance tracking system designed by BannerSpace. It collects all the data related to the publisher performance from Ad Impressions, CTR, visitors data, Geographic source and much more real-time information about the Banner Ads that you serve in your web site.
  • Interestingly, BannerSpace has the option to turn off CPC based advertisements and to keep only CPM based Ads. So if you see that your site performs poor on CPC Ads, you could keep only CPM based Advertisements.
  • Also, BannerSpace tracks the unique visitors per 2 minutes time frame and hence ensures the quality of delivery to their Advertisers. And CTR has a threshold of 2 hours between each click by the same visitor.
  • The minimum payment threshold from your account is 50$. Its paid every 3 months for those who earn less than 100$ and monthly for those who earn more than 100$.

Check BannerSpace FAQ page for more information and publisher page to create an account, provided your site generates good amount of traffic every day !


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