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Banner Ads: How To Make Perfect Quality Banner Ads ?


Banner Ads are one of the online advertising gift given to us to make the most of the fascinating effects in the race of advertising. The success of any advertisement depends on how quality and how uniquely the ads are made.

I would say Visibility and Quality, are the two back bones of advertisements. Here I would take you through some of the tips or guidelines to make perfect banner ads in order to promote your own online business.

First lets see the basic guidelines to improve visibility of banner ads that are appealing in nature. The great the look and feel makes the banner ads more visible.

Size : The visibility of the banner ads depends on the size. Selecting a perfect size banner ad gives the right visibility to the visitors. Some of the most popular banner ad sizes are as follows.

Full-size Banner Ads : 468×60 pixels
Vertical Banner Ads : 120×240 pixels
Button Size Ads : 120×90, 120×120 pixels

Image Type : Using dynamic flashing banner Ads catches the eye than static banner Ads. Better to use .gif images to make flashing or rolling Ads. Don’t have lengthy animations, it is good to have 3 frames to display each for 3 seconds. Having less frames improves the image loading time.

File Size : Having smaller sized banner ads are advisable in most of the online Advertising programs. It is better to have below 12 KB of size, smaller the size more the better. You know file size matters the loading time.

Footer Lines : You could add footer line in the bottom of the banner Ads. This helps to add your sites URL or some catchy notes to the bottom of the ads. These footers should be embedded into the images.

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How To Banner Ads ?
How To Banner Ads ?

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Second comes the Quality, lets go through some of the tips to make quality content banner Ads.

  • Try to make your message as simple as possible. Don’t override with more textual data. Convey your message combing both visual and textual data. That makes sense.
  • Put catch words. Some of famous banner Ad words are “Join Now”, “Free Download”, “Click Here”, “Join Today” etc. You could make these text flashy. But don;t overload with more flashing texts, that really annoys the visitor. In short, it should make the visitor to respond over the banner Ad.
  • You must exactly target the audience. This means the type of visitor you are approaching, to whom you are going to show the Ads. Say, if you are making a banner Ad for the “fashion” category, you should give more weight to the girl audience than the boy audience.
  • You could post a question through your banner ad like “Have You Ever Seen…?”, “Do You Know…?” That really attracts the visitors. In general, a question makes the curiosity to find an answer.
  • We have framed some more similar tips for rich and attractive banner ads, go through that useful post.

I would say, taking these steps into consideration helps to make a perfect Banner Ad which is visible and quality. Apart from these you must keep the following guidelines in mind always, whenever you are working to make banner ads.

  • Animation is the key to make successful banner ads. But never over load the animations. Be simple.
  • Always, you should request an action through the banner from the visitor. A request in the ad makes the visitor to respond.
  • Fine tune your Ads until you develop a better advertising approach that works good for you.
  • Test with more than one banner ads with different flavours and find out which one works out good for you. You should continuously improve the quality of ads by taking the feedback or the end result of each ads. The underlying question is, How each ads are performing ?
  • Always run your mind to find out new catchy way of advertising. The uniqueness of the Ad. It should stand out when displayed compared to the other Ads.
  • Ad placement matters. The most preferable places are Top, Top-Left, Top-Right and Center.

You could read more about free advertising your online business. Find an excellent article on creating effective banners ads published by Microsoft.

A good banner Ad is, one that generates higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and calls the visitor for an action with a valid reason. Keep this lingo in mind.

I think these tips really improves and makes you a perfect Banner Ad for making your online business success in this competitive world.

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