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How To Automatically Rewrite An Article In 1 Minute ? Best Time Saver Tool


Article marketing is one of the best strategy to promote your web site online. It has many more advantages from driving referral traffic to your site as well to create free quality backlinks. The results are always the best towards gaining search engines authority which is more important for a site.

Article Submission & Article Rewriting.

It is required for an Internet marketer to write quality/unique articles in order to publish it to article directories. Tool To Rewrite ArticleThere are tonnes of article directories available in Internet and its not really hard to submit an article across.

  • Even software’s like Article Demon are available to quickly submit an article to bunch of article directories without hard work.

The negative part of these automatic article submission is that, duplicated content will spread over multiple directories. Hence it doesn’t adds much value in terms of search engine language because the very first article indexed is fresh one and the same content seen from multiple article directories are all duplicate content for a search engine. Its a kind of spam too ! (esp. on quick huge submission)

  • What if you rewrite one article into another article and then submit to an article directory ? This makes sense.

Re-spinning an article will convert the entire sentence/words into different sentence/words keeping the same meaning in place. Doing it manually takes time and energy.

Automatic Article Rewrite Tool

There is a handy tool to perform this kind of Article spinning. Yes, that’s Free Article Spinner (its really free to join/use). Its helps freelance writers too !

Once registered, you could login to your account, paste the article, click “Spin Article Now” and it gives an entirely new unique article in a minute ! Its a great intelligent tool.


I write an article “3 Steps For Better Affiliate Income From Article Marketing” with the body of the article starts like:

Affiliate Marketing is one of the interesting ways of making money online. It’s trusted and proven method too because it relays on, how well you are marketing the affiliate product to the visitors. In fact, affiliate marketers are making millions online through paid methods. But always in Internet, we have free methods to drive traffic to your site. Such a pay full method is Article marketing.

After doing an Article Spin, the above paragraph becomes like (corrected few mistakes):

Affiliate marketing is one of the interesting ways to make money online. It is also proven and reliable method because it relays on how you’re marketing affiliate products to visitors. Indeed, affiliate marketers make millions online through paid methods. But always in the Internet, we have methods to generate free traffic to your website. That’s the best part of article marketing.

Its simple, right ? You should rewrite the article title also. Using Free Article Spinner, you could rewrite an article into another within minutes. Just spend few minutes to proof read the article, it will have some grammatical as well as logical mistakes.

The idea of re-spinning article is to submit fresh articles to multiple article directories so that you will gain the full advantage of article submission. Its the best time saver too !

See the below video to better understand on how this all works ?

Recently, i started using this tool and within minutes i am able to rewrite my existing article. It saves time greatly. Try it now !



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