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Article Marketing Tips For Online Business


Last week, we discussed about forum marketing tips and now its time to discuss about article marketing. Article marketing is a wise method of promoting your online business free of cost. Though there are numerous advantages of publishing articles, its a good replacement for the pay-per-click advertisements. Also, it places a wide game of SEO that is beyond the scope of this article.

Here are the tips for marketing your online business using article marketing.

Writing Contextual Articles. Write articles related to your business and business products. The topic should be tightly coupled with your business domain. You have to offer quality, unique and useful information related to your products. You could write even about your business directly and share practical information that you know works really good. This way you get targeted readers who turns into customers.


Keep Reader’s In Mind. While writing articles you have to keep the readers in your mind. This helps to write a targeted content towards the right audience. Because readers may like to read more moving from one article to another. In that way, you could drive them to your web site or blog. Read out these tips to write articles for readers.

Marketing via Article Submission Sites. There are numerous article directories in the Internet and most of them are free to join. So you have to write and publish good articles to these sharing sites. You could even submit the same article to multiple sites and that is not a bad idea. Because you may get more readers from various sources. Here is a great list of article submission sites to use.

Quality Content Market’s Best. Quality content sells good. In fact, quality content will be copied by others and that markets your business by itself. Any useful and unique content becomes a quality content. So keep on publishing quality content and link your business site back from the articles. Always try to solve problem or give solutions to readers that makes you to grow your business quicker and gives better results. A cleverly written article converts good and helps to increase product sales.

Effective Linking. Article publishing not only markets or tells your business to others but also creates more inward links to your web site. This implements great SEO and hence you could attain more search engine traffic (esp Google). Effective linking from related articles to your site may bring in more readers. You could even link your product sale page directly from the articles. Read out this article that helps to build traffic using article marketing.

7 Simple Yet Great Tips For Effective Article Marketing.

  • Always provide quality and useful information to the readers.
  • Use your business brand name and product name in the articles.
  • Keep your content short, clear and explain in simple words.
  • Link your site and product sale pages from articles at the right place.
  • Link you own articles that adds value to current article.
  • Always keep your customers in mind while writing articles about your business.
  • Fix your target audience either beginners or experts related to your business product.

So don’t wait, start marketing your business with great articles. Keep in mind that you will be getting 100% profit from article marketing because its free to employ.


  1. It's a nice where everything regarding article marketing is present.
    I liked it very much as it is informative.It has article submission sites,tips to writing articles and some more which are clearly explained .Thanks for the post

    • thanks prakash. Article marketing is one of the important thing for Internet based businesses which actually spreads your business/site to a wider audience. just now i saw your new blog, keep up your good work going….


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