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Affinity Ads Review – Making Money From Affinity Ads


This is a short review about Affinity Ads Network. The most common ad networks that we know are Google Adsense, YPN, Adbrite, Chitika, etc. and there is a great list too. But i could see every month new set of Ad networks are coming in Internet. Many of these new Ad networks may succeed or fail that depends on many factors.

One such important factor is “Contextual Advertising“. Google Adsense is the well know contextual Ad network and that’s the main reason its winning the market. Whatever be the topic or niche, you could see relevant Ads. When coming to Affinity Ads, it felt its better in Contextual Advertising. If more contextual, it increases the chances of making more money from your web site.

I noticed Affinity Ads through Goarticles.com, an article sharing site and also through Seochat.com. These are 2 great sites which are well established in their niches. Alexa rank for Goarticle is around 1500 & for seochat its around 2200. Why i am telling this is, to know they are well established web sites and their business strategy shows a road map for other webmasters.

I see these sites are running Affinity Ads and did some experimentation’s. Sharing that as a review now. I never used Affinity ads in my blog, you know i don’t much bother about monetizing my site. I want this site to be always rich in information and that’s one of the main reason, i don’t concentrate on monetization.

Okay, lets see few things that I observed about Affinity Ads.

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Affinity Ads Sample
Affinity Ads Sample

  • First of all, i really love the way of presenting the Ads. I see that it shows “Tag Ads“. The Ad widget not only shows regular advertisements but it is showing a Tag Cloud too. This totally looks different and i never seen such things on other Ad network. See the snap of the Ad, it has regular Ads from the top and a Tag cloud at the bottom.
  • This idea is great because it triggers the visitor coming to your site to click on the tags. When you click on these tags, it actually refreshes the Ad widget and shows ads inherited from that tag. For example, in this Ad image you could see a tag “Stock Trading”. When i clicked that it refreshes only the Ad widget and it shows Ads related to Stock trading. This way, the widget shows advertisements which are user interests and hence increases the chances of Ad clicks. I don’t know whether any other Ad network has this feature but this really looks catchy and intelligent.
  • When it comes to contextualization, i see that its not bad. For sure, its not up to the mark of Adsense or YPN but its showing relevant ads. I just browsed through variety of articles from variety of topics in Goarticles.com. I found, out of 4 ads at least 2 Ads are very much related to the content. And most of the time, i see the tags are contextual to the content.
  • An article related to “domain name” shows ads which has the keyword “domain name” in it. An article from “make money” niche shows ads which has the keyword “money”, “earn” in it.
  • Also, i observed like on continuously browsing through the articles, sometimes it shows non-contextual ads too. I see, few geographically targeted Ads are coming relevant to my country.
  • Loading time of the Ads is okay. Its not fast like Adsense but I would say, its reasonably okay.
  • I just gone through Affinity’s web site and found that they have in-text ads too. In-text Ads are always an extra income generator for your site. Even i am using Kontera in my sites, if you want to make extra income apart from regular Ads you could integrate Affinity’s in-text ads.

Their Publisher page has more information about the different varieties of Ads. You could Signup For Affinity here (no affiliate link). I see that,  “Tag Clouds”  are the major strength of Affinity Ads apart from along with regular Ads which definitely increase the CTR. But one thing to mention, you should need great Traffic first to your site so that you could make great Ad Revenue.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


    • One thing i like about Affinity is the tags, which may definitely increase the CTR on advertisements. Anyway good that you are seeing it stable, thanks for sharing here !

  1. I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. appreciate it

    • This is a free theme and i customized it to my like/need….i am using this style more than a year and probably in 1 or 2 months, i will redesign the look every more better….thanks for your comment.

  2. Affinity.com now offers In-Page, In-Text, In-Image, Footer ads, and Margin ads. Apart from the above, recently they incuded XML based ads as well

  3. Thanks for such a wonderful info but can u give me info regarding there criteria of approval of website and payment procedure and i saw your alexa rank is 145369 quite good but you did not apply for any ad program like google

    • nice to see your comment ramesh, i have never tried Affinity Ads in any of my web sites. Regarding alexa, i recently moved this blog brand new domain name (earlier it was emoneymakingonline.com) and hence the alexa went down. There are also down sides because of penguin update, i am hoping for a recovery..Thanks.

  4. affinity.com is a SCAM!!! I used it for 3 months and I earned more than $1000. so I was waiting for my first payment for my January earnings total of $584.05 I emailed my account manager Valentino Victoria, when I first emailed him, I said this “hello! I’m just wondering when I’m gonna get my first payment? I thought you guys send payment on 45 net every 15th of the month?” after 4 days he still hasn’t reply so I emailed him again and said this “how come I still haven’t receive my payment? and why are you not
    replying to my email?” and finally after that he emailed me back and said:

    Apologize for the delay in replying to your mail.
    I was out of town hence the delay.
    Will check with the Accounts team the status on your payment and update you
    on the same.
    Kindly give me a day or two to get back to you….

    so I waited for his reply but 5 days past he hasn’t reply so I emailed him again and still doesn’t have reply. so I give up.

    So emailed the affinity support team twice and guess what I DIDN’T GET A REPLY!

    I joined this forums just to warn you to STAY AWAY FROM AFFINITY.COM THEY ARE SCAM


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