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What Makes Affiliate Sales To Increase ? 3 Magic’s


Have a affiliate product from an affiliate network ? and trying to sell it ? There are no straight forward ways to force people to buy that product. Ultimately, your aim will be driving more sales and to earn more commissions. In practical, what makes affiliate sales ? and what makes to increase the sale count ? Believe me, there are no short cuts but going in the right direction may help you to achieve it. Its not so really hard, you don’t need to digg much, the following are the 3 instant magic’s which makes everything for you apart from these simple methods to increase sales.

Are You In Right Affiliate “Market” ?

Affiliate “market” decides the major part of sales. Yes, its highly controlled by the nature of demand and supply. You should not stick into a high demand market and also, you should not stick to a no demand market. You have to find the GAP and fill it. Simply saying, find out the market that you see like “moderate demand” and “moderate supply”.

For example, the market of credit card or weight loss are too much crowded and it will stress you into trouble. Because there will be more people to show the products and to sell them. At the same time, a more specific market like “Travel”, “Astrology” may bring you easy profits. Beware of tough markets and keep in mind that you have to fill the gaps.

Your are in between Buy n Sell !

Are You With Right Affiliate “Product” ?

Next comes the product from a specific market.

  • Do the product that you select is Quality ?
  • Do that product solves the buyer problem ?
  • Do that affiliate product supports the customers ?

If you say YES for all these questions then you are with the right product. Quality of the product is more important because it should not happen like you sell poor products and you damage yourself in the long run. Either you have a blog already or just selling affiliate products, pick only quality products, don’t just do for making money.

Source of Targeted Traffic.

The targetness of the traffic that you drive to your affiliate sales page decides the remaining. You have to find peoples who are really interested in the product or they should be closely related to the product. Best way either use Google Adwords to drive traffic and you have to update your campaign with Targeted Keywords. Keep only laser targeted keywords. Another way, keep keywords which are tells the purpose of your campaign.

For example, if you are selling books then use the words “buy”, “order”, “download” in the keywords which may bring in visitors who are seriously looking for a book that you sell.

On the other hand, if you utilize article marketing as a way to sell affiliate product the you have to use those keywords in the title and body, optimized for search engines. Focus the visitors towards the product and its purpose, thats well enough to get targeted visitors.


Increasing the sale count is not a magic. But when you apply these 3 magics you could simply make profits from affiliate marketing. To narrate simple, select quality product from a moderate market and drive visitors who are interested to buy the product.

Done !

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  1. Could’nt agree more with “studio monitors”.

    Ven you’re absolutely right in saying best to target simply
    “moderate markets”. Nowadays competition out there is pretty
    fierce. Especially “weight loss, credit cards and How To Make MONEY ONLINE!!”

    Maybe choose something what we ourselves have a interest in?
    Something we have a passion for?

    “AsianTv”, Ven mentioned above a little on blogs and article
    marketing? You can do both without spending a penny (as you yourself mentioned blogger).Submit articles to EzineArticles, make a squidoo lens all free of charge!

    Read Ven’s article, post: “5 Websites To Add And Spread Your Affiliate Link Free of Cost”.
    Best of luck.

    Good stuff Ven..Thank you..


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