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After Selecting Affiliate Products, How To Sell ?


So you have joined an affiliate network (Clickbank, CJ or anything) and now you got your affiliate (referral) link. Don’t know what to do next ? Now you are in the right page and it exactly matches the situation that we are going to discuss. You are aware that you have to sell the product and to earn commission. But how to sell ? Which is the best method ? In practical, which method works well ? Many questions, right ?

First as a beginner, you should understand that Affiliate marketing is one of the best online business for making money. And it doesn’t require any highly technical knowledge and you have to spend not even 1 hour (maximum) per day as based on your convenient. Okay, lets move to the topic, after selecting an affiliate product how do you sell it ?

First, What you need next ?

Once the product is ready, simply saying, you need TRAFFIC to your affiliate link. Yes, you need bulk of visitors to see the product so that few may buy the product. It depends on what kind of visitors coming to see the product. More targeted visitors drives more sales. Targeted visitors are those who are looking to buy the product. If they see your product adding value to them, for sure they will buy the product. So your aim is to find targeted visitors to see the product.

You have to advertise the product in Internet exploring to those targeted people. Now the question, how to get such targeted visitors and how to advertise ? Lets see them in detail.

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How ?
How ?

Selling By Paid Methods.

For those who are ready to invest money, this paid method adopts you. Yes, you have to spend money for advertising the affiliate product. It doesn’t need millions of dollars to invest instead starting with less than 50$ you could advertise the product. Advertising the product drives visitors who are looking for the product and it triggers sales.

Where To Advertise ?

I will tell your two sites to start with and will suggest you few more tips.

  • Google Adwords, its one of the Googles application which helps you to promote any business online. Using Adwords, you could create advertisements and show that to the entire world. By sitting here in your city, you could advertise through out the globe ! For every visitor you get, you have to pay atleast $0.05 to maximum of more than $1 based on the keyword competition/bidding.
  • Another site, Yahoo Search Marketing which is similar to Adwords. Its comparatively cheaper than Adwords and but you may get comparatively lesser hit than Google’s. Here also, the cost per visitor is based on the bidding.

For example, if you are driving 100 visitors to your affiliate page then at minimum you will be spending 100 x 0.05 = $5 and if you sell 1 product for 100$ then you will earn 20$ (at the rate of 20% commission). You profit comes to $15. Thats it.

In common, either you use Adwords or YSM your Campaign involves configuring the following:

  • Select the geographic location where you want to sell the product.
  • Identify the keywords that people search for the product (for example, “buy best personal finance software” is a keyword which directly sells a finance software).
  • Create Your Advertisement which involves: Ad Title, Ad description, Your Affiliate Link.
  • Fix the cost per click based on the bidding listed for the keywords you select (because many people will be using those keywords like you for advertising their products).
  • Link your credit card. Track down the clicks, Ads through out the process !

Finally, you drive targeted visitors to the affiliate page, you will see sales and hence you will earn commissions ! The advantage of paid method is that you could see the results with in 1 or 2 days.

Selling By Free Methods.

Now for those who are not ready to invest money from their pocket, there are free methods. Yes, you don’t need to spend money for advertising the affiliate product. Instead, you have to market the product by spreading the affiliate link through out the Internet. There many interesting techniques to promote your affiliate link free of cost. But it takes time and you have to do some work when compared to paid methods. Lets see few of the best free methods to sell your affiliate product.

Article Marketing. The best and oldest Internet marketing technique is article marketing. What you have to do is write an article explaining the features of your affiliate product and publish to article sharing web sites. The best sites to publish your article are Hubpages and Squidoo.

Forum Marketing. Forums are the right place to discuss with like minded people. Find out forums which are closed related to your product. Join there and add your affiliate link in the signature. So every time when you reply in forum, your affiliate link appears. Chances for getting visitors and sales. But not all forums are allowing to place affiliate links in signatures.

Start A Blog. Other way, go and start a blog about the product. Write articles in and around the topic and embedded the affiliate link through out the blog. Keep in mind that your blog should have useful information related to the product. Learn to market your blog from scratch, it gets visitors from search engines and increases the chances of sales ! Its a long term idea too which takes time but the returns are huge in future.

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To conclude, once you have selected the affiliate product, you have to work for driving targeted visitors. If you have money in pocket, advertise using Adwords or YSM. Otherwise, go for free methods. I would recommend to try article marketing first which is simpler and helps to experiment with the product before you invest money for advertising. Experimentation is more important in affiliate marketing, you have to experiment with variety of products and variety of promotional strategies.

More important, learn how do affiliate marketing fails ? which helps you to avoid the mistakes at the earlier stage itself.



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