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Affiliate Marketing Tips To Make Huge Money


We all know that affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable online business and many people are living life from affiliate income. Interestingly, there are not much start-up cost and you can begin right now. All you need the basic understanding of what to do? how to do? right from picking the products to selling online.

However, the income of every people hardly varies, few are making thousands/millions and many are struggling to make first $100. It all depends on what you are doing.

We have discussed a lot about affiliate marketing business, this time i want to summarize the 2 great tips which helps you to make huge money.image with money

Promoting Others Quality Products.

As you begin, the first step is finding the right product to promote. When you browse the marketplace on any affiliate network, you will find lot of products available for promotion. You can pick any product that you like however, the results are varying definitely based on the product quality (learn to pick quality affiliate products).

The purpose of the product, the problem it solves and the target market/audience highly decides the results.

To make it simpler, let me summarize the method to promote quality products:

  • Step 1: Decide your target market which has enough demand and enough buyers. You cannot sell anything on a market where no one willing to buy.
  • Step 2: List the products available in the market place, take at least 10-15 products.
  • Step 3: Go through the sale page and understand the features of these products.
  • Step 4: Find out reviews of each product and see, what other marketers are telling about it.
  • Step 5: Now filter the final list with 3-5 products.
  • Step 6: Write 3-4 review articles or a single detailed review (1000-2000 words) about each product, learn how to review a product?
  • Step 7: Broadcast periodic promotional emails to your list by comparing (you can put a comparison table) the features of these products.
  • Step 8: Repeat from Step 5 to promote new products.
  • Step 9: Repeat from Step 1 to enter new markets.
  • One step further, you can promote only those products which you are already using. This helps to build trust with visitors. You can see my tools list here.

With these steps, you will be able to quickly see an increase in earnings. Have reasonable targets say, i will sell 2 products per day – this way you can easily grow your affiliate marketing business towards making huge profits.

Building Own Quality Products.

Building your own product is even more profitable than selling others product. You can keep 100% of the money for each sale you get and also, make a lot of sales with the help of other affiliates. When you have 2-3 quality products in hand, you can sit and count your income.

However, building your own product requires a lot of hard (smart) work and dedication. You have to understand the market, problems and develop products for the audience as a solution.

To make it simpler, let’s summarize the steps to build products:

  • Step 1: Analyze the market demand and see the existing products (or get into the fresh market).
  • Step 2: List the common features of existing products
  • Step 3: Put your thoughts and bring in new ideas/features that should attract the audience (differentiating factor).
  • Step 4: Develop the product (yourself or outsource to developers)
  • Step 5: Build a website, write sale copy and link to order page (shall use any affiliate networks).
  • Step 6: Bring in more affiliates by offering high commission and building affiliate email list (product goes viral).
  • Step 7: Put the product into maintenance mode
  • Step 8: Repeat from Step 1 and get into new market/product.
  • I developed my own product AffiLinker.

With these steps, you can build a stable source of online income. If you have 2-3 products definitely, you will be making huge money. Keep in mind that your product must help the buyers in some way so that they will open their wallet.

Everything is Traffic and Conversion.

When it comes to online income, it’s all about volume of traffic and how far the visitors are closely related to the product in order to convert (or sell). SEO plays a major role in bringing targeted visitors to your site and also, social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ helps to quickly show your product to real users.

Learn to get more blog traffic.

Following all these tips will definitely takes you to make huge money from affiliate marketing in the long run….


  1. Rightly said, Affiliman. Testing has to continue throughout the life of this business and that improves the income strategy every time !

    Good to see you here and Thanks for your comment.


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