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What To Do When Affiliate Marketing Business Fails ?


Failures are the steps to success. Not all kind of online businesses are winning. A great idea may go mad, on the another side a silly stupid idea may go great. We could not predict the reality many times. But when proper approach, right steps are followed you may not see failures too many. When it comes to affiliate marketing business, many people fails. There are so many reasons to analyze the Affiliate Marketing failures ?

To summarize few major failure reasons….

  • Faulty Predictions or expectations in what you are doing to sell an affiliate product ?
  • Using faulty strategies or methods that fools you, that you could make 10000$ in a night.
  • You are not willing to allocate Ad PPC (Pay-per-click) budget.
  • You are not willing to increase the Ads CPC (cost-per-click) bid value.
  • Using poor keywords (non-targeted keywords or wage words) in your Ad campaign.
  • Poor landing page with junk information about the product.
  • Too much of SEO on the landing page and finally killing the content.
  • You have not selected a quality product for selling !
  • Too much competition, that every one wants to sell the same product.
  • See the failures may help you to tweak positively for the upcoming success. See this detailed analysis on How Affiliate Marketing Fails ?

Success comes to those who are neither afraid to fail nor discouraged by failures.

Keeping the failures aside. What to do next ?

I will give you two options…

#1 Option – Continuing Affiliate Business.

Well, you could continue doing affiliate marketing business. But this time, with more precautions. Find out why you failed before ? It gives you the best reason to do well next time. One important thing about affiliate marketing is that, you could not sell a poor quality product. In the sense, a product which doesn’t solves the buyer problem. So find a product which really solves a problem & promote it. Second, if you are using PPC ads (Adwords / YSM) then you should allocate enough budget & Select keywords for targeted traffic which are laser focused to buy product. If you are not willing to allocate budget then simply go for Article Marketing.

The advantage of Article Marketing is that you could promote an affiliate product but if no one buys the product, you don’t need to worry. Just pick another product & write another set of articles to sell it. This way, there is no loss in your business because investment is only “time” & “content” (provided you are writing your own content). Its a healthy approach too. Learn few Article Marketing Tips. Good Luck !

#2 Option – Finding Another Online Business.

Internet has wider stupid opportunities to start another online business. I could not cover all the methods in a single page but to mention few….

  • Try Freelancing Jobs
  • Start a blog, its fun too. (Just now I have started another blog, FactsFun.net)
  • Sell domain names
  • Write your own ebook & sell
  • Take paid surveys
  • Create your own ecommerce store
  • Simply write articles & get revenue shared
  • Do online forex trading
  • Earn money from bookmarking pages
  • Buy an established web site or blog
  • Sell the web site back for money
  • Do photo sharing
  • Do video sharing
  • and the list goes….I have explained all these Money Making Tips here neatly & shortly to help you.

Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.


  1. The top half of your article is coverd by Links
    but i got your point
    I think your point on Keywords is very true most failed
    affiliate marketing is due to a poor understanding of how powerful keywords can be

  2. I will give affiliate marketing a second chance after reading your article,I was about to give up after 6 months of SEO, article writing,
    blog posting,etc.etc.I feel like im banging my head against a brick wall
    not made a penny yet.

    • That’s right Gary, you have to keep a balance. write articles which helps people as well as write articles which makes money 🙂 I mean help people and help us too !


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