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Affiliate vs Blogging vs Freelancing For Making Money Online ?


The itinerary of making money from Internet as an individual depends on few factors that every beginner should know before you start. Either becoming an affiliate marketer or starting a blog or to work for freelancing sites, you should find out whether you are eligible or suitable or comfortable to that. Because, its not like you could start something, do something. Instead, better understand what kind of work fits for you and take a good decision. Sure, you will win your dreams !

In general, most of the entrepreneurs are working either on affiliate marketing or blogging or working as a freelancer to make money from Internet. So this article helps for those who are in a confusion to select the kind of work. I want you to take a good decision at the end of this article.

Shall I do Affiliate Marketing For Money ?

Affiliate marketing is the most simplest and comfortable way of online work. Its basically, promoting your own product or promoting others product for commission.

Affiliate Marketing in single line – “Join clickbank or commission juntion, select a demanding product and promote using Google Adwords“. Earn Money, that’s it.


  • You don’t need any special skills, other than basic computer skill set.
  • You could start making money instantly, within a day (yes, its that much simple).
  • You could select any kind of niche based on the on-market demand.
  • Earnings are comparatively higher than blogging & freelancing.
  • You can easily manage/promote multiple affiliate products.
  • You are your own boss.
  • On top of all, you need to spend less time only (30 mins per day, more enough).


  • You have to spend money from hand especially for paid traffic.
  • Highly possible, you may loose your money, if not properly managing your PPC campaigns.
  • Again you may loose your money, if you don’t select a demanding product.
  • Its a game of profit and loss !

Shall I do Blogging For Money ?

Blogging is one of the funniest or interesting way of making money. Its basically, writing, sharing, providing, helping with useful information about a topic to readers.

Blogging in single line – “Keep on Writing about a topic, promote and monetize your blog“.


  • You are going to work on your most interesting or favorite topic.
  • It improves your knowledge on a topic that you have chosen for blogging.
  • You could gain popularity with your blog in the Internet community.
  • More ways are available to make money from your blog.(even you could do affiliate marketing in your blog).
  • Earnings are comparatively higher than freelancing.
  • You are your own boss.


  • Blogging takes time and needs hard work every day.
  • You should spend at least 1-2 hours per day for writing & managing your blog.
  • Its takes time to earn income from your blog.
  • Its hard to drive more traffic to your blog especially during the initial stage of blogging.
  • Blogging needs patience and not for lazy peoples.
  • You could not change your blogging topics once started.
  • Its really tough to manage multiple blogs, if you don’t have time.

Shall I do Freelancing For Money ?

Freelancing is same like your day-to-day office job but the difference, you are going to work over Internet. Its basically, working for others and get the income for that work.

Freelancing in single line – “Sell your skills to employer, work and earn money“.


  • Easy to get a job online (compared to real world job hunting).
  • You could work on your convenient time (part-time or full-time).
  • You could work for multiple employers and on multiple type of jobs.
  • You don’t need to go to office. 🙂


  • You need to spend at least 10 hours every week to complete the assigned tasks.
  • Employer may not be satisfied with your work because they are not going to see you live.
  • If you work, you will get money. If you don’t work, you don’t get money.
  • Sometimes, you may feel stressed due to overloading of jobs.

I have explained at least the basic advantages and disadvantages of each kind of work. What do you think ? Affiliate marketing or blogging or freelancing ? Every method of making money has its own advantages and disadvantages.

So to conclude, look on yourself and see what you have “time, money, skills” and take a good decision !


  1. I've have experience with all three, they all require hands management and promotion.

    Freelancing can be quicker income, if you can find good clients, while affiliate projects can take more time to get going.

    How about freelance while blogging, and set up affiliate sites in your spare time?


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