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Ideas For Affiliate Article Marketing To Sell Clickbank Products


Clickbank is one of the fastest growing affiliate network. It has tonnes of affiliate products on almost all the categories/market. The main advantage of using clickbank affiliate network, it pays more commission. yes, when compared to other networks like CJ or GA, they are paying up to 70% commission and its very simple to operate with no great restrictions or rules. That’s the major reason, why clickbank is popular among affiliate marketers especially for beginners.

There are many ways to sell affiliate products free of cost. Out of these, affiliate article marketing is one of the best method to quickly sell products. It doesn’t requires you to invest money. It requires only to write articles and publishing over Internet (embed the hop links). Only thing, you have to drive targeted visitors to your article.

Preparation For Affiliate Articles.

A short preparation or research makes the process simple. Before writing an affiliate article, just spend few minutes on the following:

  • Purpose of Affiliate Product – Once you have selected an affiliate product from clickbank, understand the purpose of the product. Find out, what are the problems the product solves ? Understand it. Learn how to select affiliate ?
  • Keyword Research – Use Google Keywords Tool to find out the best keyword which has (nearly 1000+) hits per month. Search the keyword in Google and see the top 10. If there are many established sites go for another keyword. Finally, find a keyword which has less occupancy in search engines (esp on Go.. & Ya..).

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Write For 100% Profits !
Write For 100% Profits !

Ideas To Sell via Article Marketing.

Now you are fully aware of the affiliate product. You know what the product ? how it helps the buyer ? You are prepared to sell. Now you have to write an article to sell the product. There are many ways or tricks to sell the product through your article. It involves, how well you are “mesmerising” the visitor. That’s the marketing trick but it should happen in positive way (you should not cheat the visitors).

  • Write Related Articles – The first idea, write an article related to that clickbank product. Few examples are articles which starts with, “Tips For”, “Ways To”, “How To” etc. But it should be related to the product/market. You have to use the selected keyword in the title and in the body of the article.
  • Write Product Reviews – Write a review about the affiliate product. In many cases, it will become a fake review until you really use the product. So what you have to do, go through the sales page of the affiliate product. List down the features, positives, negatives of the product that you identify. Write everything in your article. Just mimic the sales page. Also, Google the product and find out what others are telling about it. This gives a practical knowledge about the product, that practical knowledge is really required to write product reviews. Now learn, how to write product review ? Use the right keywords.
  • Too Much Focused – Another way, directly attacking with targeted visitors. Use keywords with “buy”, “order now” in the title. Simply, explain the product and its feature, add the hoplink. This way, if your articles get “50” visitors, you may get 5 sales. This the most simplest way to sell products using article marketing. Its an intelligent method too.

As mentioned earlier, Article marketing is one of the best method to sell clickbank products on Internet. The major advantage, you will make 100% profit on every sale because you are not investing money. Start with your first affiliate article, over a period of time, you will be selling many clickbank product. That’s the wealth of article marketing which makes money for long term !

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  1. There is a wide variety of strategies you can adapt, from paid advertising to affiliate marketing. However, most of these techniques require payment. Nevertheless, there are ways to promote your website and increase your web traffic without spending anything. Writing articles is one of the best web site promotion strategies you can use, and they can be very effective.
    The webmaster's biggest job is to get their traffic up and keep visitors coming back.

  2. Absolutely wonderful post! Many people think that article marketing isn’t as effective as it used to be to sell Clickbank products, but I feel it’s exactly the opposite. I’ve learned a lot about some great article marketing techniques from this article. Thanks.

    • Thanks Chris, the greatest advantage of article marketing is that you could promote the product as well your own web sites ! In terms of traffic and gaining back links too….

  3. Thanks for this interesting information. I have read a lot lately about Article Marketing, and some say it's Dead. I don't believe that, because why do so many still post everyday on Ezinearticles. There must be a reason.

    • Yes Len, article marketing is not dead, at least i gets some referral traffic free for the life time apart from any seo benefits…


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