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Adtegrity Review – Money Making From Adtegrity Ad Network


This time, we are going to see about Adtegrity one of the industries leading Advertising network. For those who are already running Ads on their site could try out Adtegrity especially to leverage extra revenue from your online business. Looks Adtegrity accepts only high quality sites which are professional in every thing from content to design. Okay, lets see few more (a short review) about Adtegrity…

Review of Adtegrity Ad Network.

adtegrityTheir network delivers 200+ million impression every day to their advertisers. They have approved more than 1000’s of websites and helping them to effectively monetize their sites. Their system is built for the Advertisers in mind by providing better results to them, offering Ads on high quality websites. Yes, if you want to join Adtegrity, you have to satisfy the following requirements so that your site will get approved.

  • Your site should drive minimum of 500K page views per month.
  • Your site should receive at least 50% of its visitors from USA.
  • A professional design and it should visually appeal the visitors.
  • Free blogger blogs are not allowed to sign up, you must have a self hosted domain.
  • Moreover, you should not have duplicate/copied content and needs quality content.
  • Sites which promotes PPC, PTR, PPS (any Pay Per xxxx) kind of content are not allowed.
  • Check their Before You Apply page for more detailed information.

Adtegrity is a CPM based network and hence every visitor coming to your site earns/counts. Interestingly, Adtegrity shows the Ads to unique visitors only (i believe only unique visits are taken for count). When the same visitor comes again to your site, that impression will not be valued. So if your site drives more number of unique visitors then Adtegrity best suites.

They claim all the advertisements are reviewed by their highly trained staff members before approved. They also have an extensive Ad monitoring system which scans the ads for malicious functionality which may prevents the visitors PC from harm. On going through Adtegrity, i could feel that they have more control over the publishers quality. Because they want to deliver the best results to their advertisers.

  • Apart from regular advertising, if your site generates high volume of USA traffic, you could sell the traffic for flat rates. That means, Adtegrity fixes a flat rate to monetize your USA traffic based on your web sites quality, content and the historical data about your site. You could easy convert your USA traffic into money with Adtegrity. They are paying the earned money through Cheque or Paypal.

Finally, to conclude Adtegrity is best suited ad network especially for high traffic sites. And if you drive more USA traffic then its an added advantage in increasing Ad revenue on your site. Here is the Publisher Application.


  1. I tried Adtegrity for a month and I wasn't very impressed. They don't allow you to run defaults, cut-off cpms, and you have little control over the media itself. I spent a month and 500k page views running Zwinkies and Forex ads on health sites.

    Though their requirements to join are high, I found the ad quality and the cpms to be low. My account representative was rude. She also claimed our rates would improve over time, but they stayed the same from day 1 and probably decreased.

    Honestly, it's pretty hard to do worse with Adsense if not impossible than the cpms you can get with Adtegrity. Ad Networks like Burst Media only require 5k unique visitors per month and they're cpms eat Adtegrity's lunch.


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