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Adsmart Review – Making Money with CPC or CPM Based Advertising Network


Adsmart network offers publishers with both Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Cost-Per-Impression(CPM) based online advertising. Its yet another opportunity to monetize your site, especially if your site is getting a bulk of visitors from UK. Because Adsmart is a UK based advertising network which offers their advertisers more geographically targeted solution.

Hence they are more focused on the UK market, your site must receive at least 70% of traffic from UK. Looks they too agree with much of USA traffic.

Review of Adsmart.

Adsmart originally branded in year 2004 by one of the oldest advertising network called Adrevenue founded on 1999. Looks they offer both online based advertising and mobile based advertising solutions. Its good, they are much focused to a specific market so that they could offer quality solution to the advertisers within a geographic location.

The following are few points or requirements for a publisher before joining Adsmart network.

  • Your site must have 70% of its traffic from UK and the remaining could be from any other countries.
  • It is required to have minimum of 100K page views per month and at least 5K unique visitors per month.
  • Ad CTR (click-through-rate) should reach minimum of 0.1% that means, 1 visitor should click on the Ad out of every 100 visitors.

To mention, Adsmart claims that they are offering competitive payouts and their FAQ page says that publishers are best paid from their CPM based network.

  • You will be more flexible to use more than 1 Ads on a single page but there is a restriction that, all these ads should be same format. I believe, this is because they are sharing a single CSS for all their ads.

Adsmart gives publishers the complete control over selecting which ad to appear on their site. It actually lists all the ads available to you and you could choose the best matched/prefered Ads for your site. Hence advertisements are completely under your control.

  • Regarding payments, they will send you the earnings by 45 days that means, earnings for month of March will be paid only by mid of May.
  • Joining Adsmart is simple, you have to submit the application form and it takes 24-48 hours for approval.


To conclude, Adsmart is one of the best suited Ad network for web sites which gets more visitors (70%) from UK. If your web site is already targeted towards UK market, you could give a try for Adsmart apart from your regular Ad network like Adsense, especially if you are looking to maximize your blog revenue.


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