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9 Drop Shipping Services You Need to Know


Drop shipping enables you to make money without having to keep the products in your on-site inventory. Millions of products are available for drop shipping, including name brands that you know and love. When you harness that power of drop shipping, you are tapping into buying power that an individual cannot match. Here is a list of great drop shipping services.shopping

1. Doba: Doba has over 1.5 million products for you to sell on the auction sites. They sell from a wide range of vendors, exhibit at trade shows and are an eBay certified provider. Doba considers itself to be the sourcing expert with products from Mattel, Kodak, Sony and Dell. Here, you can find something perfect for everyone. Offers a 7-day free trial.

2. Shopster: Shopster has plenty of products available for reselling on its network. It places inventory management tools and social networking at your disposal. You can start selling from Shopster for free on a limited basis, or you can opt for their $39.95 per month plan.

3. Worldwide Brands: Worldwide Brands does not consider itself wholesalers or middlemen. They do, however, provide you with a resource of over 8000 certified drop shippers which provide over 8 million products. Gain access to their valuable database for $299. Set up relationships with the wholesalers and get to work in selling products.

4. Dropship Access: DropShipAccess provides you with connections to name brands such as DKNY, Ferrari, Symantec and Tommy Hilfiger. You can choose to sell from many categories, including books, music and computers. With their free seven-day trial, you can get a risk free sample of their services.

5. Urban Load: The specialists at Urbanload sell your customized items. You can choose designs which have been placed on keychains, mousepads, and t-shirts, selling them within your store. Urbanload offers a 30-day free trial, then the pricing goes to $19.95 per month for services. Sell your own designs or pre-made designs.

6. Dollar Days: Choose from a variety of items ranging from candles to hand tools to fleece blankets. This is a wholesaler which ships to dollar stores throughout the country. It collects all of the resellers in one place, providing a lot of products from which to choose. You are charged an annual fee of $99, and a monthly fee of $15.95 for their services.

7. National Dropshippers: National Drop shippers provides over 100,000 wholesale products. You can create your own store with all of the products coming from National Wholesalers. With the store, you don’t have to get accounts with each drop shipper, that is handled directly through National Dropshippers. Their monthly fee is only $7.49. You can also select their $199-lifetime membership.

8. Megagoods: For a small drop shipping fee of $1.50 per order, you can advertise the items from Megagoods on eBay and other auction sites. You can purchase home theater systems, scooters, cellular devices and televisions through Megagoods. Sign up for the free 30-day trial. If you don’t like it, you can cancel the service.

9. EZ Wholesaler: EZ Wholesaler brings you items direct from the manufacturer. You have a vast selection of household goods, Ginsu products, home and garden products and trinkets to choose from. Purchase your items by the case or less than a case. The standard service is $9.95 for the first month, then $19.95 monthly.

Drop shipping is not a flash in the pan venture. Thousands of people are making money off of drop shipped products every single day. You can make a fortune with these great deals.


  1. Don’t forget about GoGo Dropship! They give customers access to millions of brand name products. They charge a one time fee for access to suppliers and if the customer can’t find a supplier they’re interested in GoGo will find one for them.


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