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6 Ways To Make Affiliate Profits Which Surely Works


There is a variety of ways to make affiliate profits. What the best ways which really works? As I always mention, affiliate marketing is full of experiments, you have to sit and work to earn. Without going in the right direction, you could not make money. The kind of product you select as well as how you are promoting the affiliate products are really matters.

I don’t want to drag this conversation anymore. Let’s see those ways for making affiliate profits!money

Promoting Discount Codes.

Discount codes or coupons are offered by product owners or retailers especially to attract more customers. Affiliates like you should utilize such offers. Generally, with the use of discount coupons, you could easily bring in people to buy the product.

  • Best Tip: One example of Webhosting discount is SiteGround. As an affiliate with these discount codes in hand, you could easily bring in people to use your discount code (while they buy). This is one of the best and simple way of making profits!

Writing Product Commentary/Reviews.

Generally, you have seen affiliate marketers are writing reviews about the affiliate product they choose. It’s a wiser method provided you are writing the best review which should not look FAKE. Yes, simply write your opinion about the affiliate product that’s enough for the reader to understand the product before buying. Your review should clearly tell, what problem the product solves? It should tell the purpose of the product.

  • Best Tip: Write reviews and publish with Hubpages, Squidoo is one of the best method to quickly bring in search engine visitors who convert well (when you don’t have a blog/site for the affiliate product).
  • Learn how to review a product?

Profitable Product Blogs.

The next method is hosting product based websites. Amazon, eBay has tons of electronic/digital products and all you have to do: pick a product, launch a WordPress blog, write articles about the product and add Amazon affiliate links. Promote the blog by building quality backlinks. Definitely, more targeted search engine traffic (related to “product buyers”) will come to your blog which converts.

  • Best Tip: Once you build the first blog, repeat the steps with another product, hosting another site. Going forward, you will be making great profits based on the volume of traffic you drive to your product blogs and the number of blogs you have in hand!
  • Learn how to make profitable blogs?

Festival Affiliate Marketing.

The short and best way to make profits, utilizing the festival traffic. Days like Christmas Season, Black Friday, Cyber Monday during every year are the hottest period to find online buyers. Opening up a gift shop and work for it from January to October. By the year-end during November and December, you could reap the profits. Build a generic gift shop which rocks every year end!

  • Best Tip: Build gift shops focusing a gender of the population works better. You could find many products ideas from Amazon website.

Using Social Tools.

Another simplest method builds a huge list of social media followers using tools like Twitter, Facebook. Once you built around a 1K-10K list of people around your account, you could simply promote affiliate products.

Writing a tweet about affiliate link may quickly bring in huge traffic to the affiliate page. Hence possibilities of more conversion to happen.

  • Best Tip: Say, with Twitter you have to build targeted followers who are related to the affiliate product you have in hand. This way, you will be doing Contextual Promotion which yields profits!

Selling Via eBay Classifieds.

eBay is one of the largest product networks on the Internet. You could easily put classified advertisements on eBay. It’s not so costly to post Ads and the returns will be good. Because people trust eBay network.

  • Best Tip: Pick products from Amazon, start with 2-4 Ads first and see the results. Later post more ads based on the returns. It’s worth, see this discussion on how to sell Amazon products on eBay?

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to make profits from affiliate marketing and these are the best ways which work better ! You could start experimenting today so that within 3-6 months you will see great results/profits from Affiliate Marketing.



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