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6 Ideas For Making Money On WeekEnds


Weekends are so much fun for many or even its a boring time for many. You are looking for the ideas for making money during weekends so I believe either you are bored, or you expect financial freedom.

Anyway, its really a good idea that you have started today. To help you towards making money, there are various methods to earn from Internet. All you need the proper steps and work (sometimes yes, hard work). Its not so easy to earn money from Internet, definitely you have to do some work with proper knowledge. That’s fine, right?ideas-for-weekend-money-lets-enjoy

Lets see those 6 ideas to well utilize your weekend towards profits !

Start Publishing A Blog.

Blogs are like you dairy where you could write anything you love. Pick your favorite topic and start publishing useful articles to your blog every weekend. Over a period of time, say after 3 to 6 months, your blog will have good number of useful articles to read. It attracts more visitors and you could make money by Advertisements as well as selling products related to your topic.

  • You can follow my steps on BlashO to create your first blog.
  • Check this Blogging Course which helps you in that direction.

Sell Products Online.

Many of the Internet users are buyers. People buy products (even physical products) from web sites like Amazon, eBay. The idea is to join such web sites and sell products which are demand in market.

You will earn commission for each sale you drive from your side.

Its a profitable business idea and definitely, you could make good money online. Its tough to pick in the earlier stage but later the results are huge. Read this article which helps to start affiliate business.

Sell Your Knowledge To Online Office.

Virtual offices are famous in Internet where you could sell your knowledge. Yes, you get paid for the work you do online. Works are like data entry operator, software development, web design, graphics design etc.

Upwork is one of the best place to start your online career. All you need to fix time to work for these offices during weekends.

Generally, you will be paid based on the hours you work as well based on the completion of assigned jobs.

Do You Have Interest In Writing?

If you are interested in writing then there are quite a many opportunities for making money. There are web sites like Hubpages, where you could join free and write articles whenever you have time. You will be paid the money that your article earns from advertisements. You don’t need to do much work.

Just write article to these sites and you will be shared with the revenue that your article earns. You could not become richer but you could at least fill your pocket with money !

Its a nice hobby too for weekends.

  • Check this list of sites where you can write and earn some money.

Sharing Multimedia Content.

Multimedia contents like photos, videos are in demand over Internet. If you have cool photos you could earn money by sharing it online. There are websites like shutterstock where you could sell photographs for money.

For those who are interested with photography could take this opportunity to earn money especially by sharing your content during weekends.

  • You can refer to my another article on how to turn your photography hobby into money?

Its interesting too…

Start Your Service Center Online.

For Geeks (say web design experts), you could open an online service center where you could offer web designing works for others. Setup a free blog and write about your experiences, achievements. Say that you are available for web designing and you could fix a charge/fee too. Initially, you have to struggle for getting offers but over a period of time, you will get many customers seeing your good work. Its one of the best idea to utilize your weekends well.

  • If you are looking for more ideas, check this article which gives you more Money making tips for your weekends.

Making money from online is not so easy and you have to keep your expectations less. It takes time to understand everything and by hard/smart work you could definitely see a good income very soon.


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