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5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Clickbank Income


Making money from Affiliate networks is one of the most challenging method of online business. The results are in both directions. I mean, you may see great results or you may see worst results. There are many factors which decides the success of affiliate marketing. Clickbank is one of the trustful affiliate network that most of the people are earning great income online using it.

If you are looking to increase your clickbank income then for sure this article helps you to acheive. First, keep in mind that there are no straight forward shortcut for selling a product. Clickbank has bunch of digital products covering almost all the needs of the buyers. So its a game between seller (thats you) and buyer. There must be a synchronization between seller and buyer.

I have written many articles on selling products and now i am going to reveal those 5 easy ways to increase your clickbank income. How ?

#1 Spread Your Profit Article.

“Writing articles about a product”, is one of the best method to promote that product. I have termed such articles as, Profit Articles. A profit article definitely makes you 100% profit because you are not spending money (provided you are not hiring freelancers) to write an article and to sell a product. Its only the investment of time and your knowledge. It depends on 2 factors:

Writing Perfect Content. The article that you write should market the product well and good. It should trigger the reader to buy that product. A simple article which explains a problem and suggests the solution (affiliate product) definitely makes money. Because many of the Internet users are looking solutions for their problems. Keep the reader and his problem in mind, while writing such profit articles.

Spreading The Article. Second, you have to spread the written article through the Internet and it should reach every corner. It should drive targeted visitors who are looking for the solution. Without doubt, Search Engines are the major source of visitors. Understand Google SEO and write your article. I would personally suggest Hubpages, Squidoo to publish your articles because their articles are loved by search engines especially Google.

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#2 Forum Marketing Your Clickbank Products.

Now the turn towards Forums. Forums are the second major source of traffic to your affiliate links. Not all forums are allowing you to put the affiliate link as signatures. Here is the list of forums which allows you to add affiliate links as signatures. Generally, forum gets more search engine traffic because of the same reason that, it solves real problems. With this method, you don’t need to spend more time or energy.

Join atleast 5 forums and post atleast 1 or 2 replies every day. In a month time, you will see great results in your clickbank account (increased income). Find out more Forum marketing tips here.

#3 Why Don’t You Start A Blog ?

If you don’t have a blog then first follow the Steps to start a blog. Blogging takes time to pickup and you have to publish articles consistently on your blog. But once you gain blog popularity, you could easily promote different varieties of clickbank products. I would personally suggest you to Use these Clickbank plugins for wordpress which definitely helps to increase your income.

#4 Have You Tried Another Ad Network.

Generally, many people are using only Google Adwords to sell clickbank products. Have you ever tried any other Ad Network. Try out Yahoo Search Marketing (learn How to create Yahoo Ads ?), Facebook Ads. Now-a-days Facebook Ad Network is becoming more popular when compared to Google Adwords. Always try alternatives and don’t stick only to Adwords. Experimentation is must when it comes to PPC Ads. Also, understand How i raised my Adwords CTR ? in a day.

#5 Correct Your Mistakes.

Its time to understand your mistakes. Always keep a note, how you are trying to sell a clickbank product ? and note down the results. Compare and see, which method works good. Article marketing may work well but forum marketing fails. But for another product, promoting via Adwords may work well. In general, the following are most common mistakes in Affiliate marketing:

  • Not willing to allocate Advertising Budget.
  • Not willing to increase you Ads Bid.
  • Improper or poor usage of keywords in Articles as well in Ads.
  • Selecting a product with poor landing page.
  • Quality less product which is useless for buyer.
  • See more about How affiliate marketing fails ?

Always keep in mind that,  “quality product which solves a buyer problem” sells.

Its waste of time in promoting a low quality product. That’s the secret to increase your affiliate income not only for clickbank. In practical, there are many low quality products available in Clickbank compared to other famous networks like Commission Junction, Google Affiliates etc. So use your common sense in selecting and promoting the right clickbank product.

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