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41 Don’ts And Do’s of Online Business


Here are the 41 Don’ts and Do’s of any online business. It is always good to know what to do and what not to do in doing your business. Right ?

  1. Don’t fail to identify the target audience for your business products and services.
  2. Don’t dream to become millionaire overnight.
  3. Don’t expect too much of everything in short term when it comes to online business. Patience required.
  4. Don’t dump your visitors with per page pop-up that really makes them to run away from you soon.
  5. Don’t take complex steps, keep everything simple. That really helps to reduce your effort in terms of time & keeps away from stress.
  6. Don’t fail to track your progress. Track everything like traffic, CTR, investments, ROI etc. Helps to measure your progress.
  7. Don’t take any step without planning. You should plan before moving to next step.
  8. Don’t work without a road map for your business. Have the short term and long term maps with you.
  9. Don’t forget to make continuous improvements for your business.
  10. Don’t forget to keep a to-do list. You should update the to-do list whenever you are thinking or dreaming new activities. This give you the remembrance to do.
  11. Don’t sleep without dreaming.
  12. Don’t make a lousy landing page. Always keep in mind, first impression is the best impression.
  13. Don’t fight on bidding for Ads, you will end up loosing money. A position 2-4 is really good. Keep your mind saturated here.
  14. Don’t place your Ads on pages that carries content not at all related to the Ads. This results in poor CTR.
  15. Don’t less weigh your online business competitors, always try to understand the competition. You will beat for sure.
  16. Don’t forget to work for traffic. Try all possibilities to make more traffic.
  17. Don’t avoid networking via social media . Be prepared for this next Social Internet era.
  18. Don’t forget to build a unique culture. Keep on going with your culture, this build a strong network around your business.
  19. Don’t forget to implement SEO. It lays you the basement for targeted search engine traffic.
  20. Don’t avoid sharing complete knowledge to your visitors.
  21. Don’t fail to prove your expertness. Keep in mind providing better solutions makes you the expert in your business domain.
  22. Don’t take multiple steps at a time when it comes to online business. Go everything step-by-step.
  23. Don’t forget to respond feedbacks. You should response more positively for negative feedbacks.
  24. Don’t go out-of-date. Watch all the latest happenings and news in your niche.
  25. Don’t choose a worst domain name. Best approach is selecting a brand name or using targeted keywords.
  26. Don’t use too much of graphics while doing the web design. The trend had almost changed, right formatted text is more powerful than images.
  27. Don’t push the visitors to do something. Make them understand you, that’s well enough to achieve everything.
  28. Don’t forget to blog about your product or company. Its the most powerful tool in the Internet to backbone your online business.
  29. Don’t hesitate to learn new things. At the same time try to apply that in your business.
  30. Don’t miss the professional touch. Have your professionalism visible at every point of your business and the website. This builds the trust among the visitors.
  31. Don’t forget to backup the things regularly.
  32. Don’t loose your visitors for any reasons. Always focus towards converting your visitors into customers.
  33. Don’t violate the terms and conditions of the programs (advertising etc) that you have participated already.
  34. Don’t spam.
  35. Don’t be lazy to work hard. Success doesn’t comes without hard work.
  36. Don’t start any thing that is too complex. It creates the pain for you to come up, say, taking a tough competition.
  37. Don’t put too much of money into anything, if you don’t known fully.
  38. Don’t miss to setup a broadcast medium like e-mail subscription or newsletters in your business site. This helps to ping your network any time required with new updates and information.
  39. Don’t repeat mistakes but learn from mistakes.
  40. Don’t expect too much profit but do your best to make more profit from your business.
  41. Don’t addict to a single approach. Always look for alternatives and more better alternatives.

And now the Do’s, you could take the positive things in all these don’ts as do’s.

Any reader could add more Don’ts or Do’s in the comment section, helping more values to other readers.

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