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3 Steps For Better Affiliate Income From PPC Ads


Affiliate Marketing is the best method for making money from Internet. Interestingly, its simple to operate that you could simply a select a quality product from an affiliate network and promote using PPC Advertisements. Clickbank, CJ, Google Affiliates, AzoogleAds are the few to mention affiliate networks. Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing are the two best PPC Ad networks in the Industry. I have used both of them and found better results too. So this article helps for those who are selling affiliate products using Adwords or YSM or any other PPC Ad Network too.

Yes, i will tell you the 3 most important steps which readily helps you to make better affiliate income the next day or week. Affiliate marketing is a kind of online business that needs best/right steps to follow. These 3 steps that I am going to explore here won’t take much time to tweak your PPC Ad campaign better.

I would say, its a tiny rocket launch 3…2…1…GO !

Step 1 : Focused Campaign Keywords.

keywords are the source of traffic which ultimately makes the sale or no-sale decision. Getting 10 targeted visitors is thousand times better than getting 1000 non-targeted visitors. Basically, keywords tells the kind of visitors coming to your affiliate link. So your first step is removing unwanted keywords from your campaign. Answer this question, What is the goal of your Ad ? And decide keywords accordingly,

For example, if your goal is selling personal finance books then you should focus keywords like “buy personal finance books”, “order personal finance books”, “buy best finance books” etc. Make sure your keywords have these terms “buy”, “order”, “purchase”, “now”, “here”, “offer” etc. And remove the keywords which are not targeting to sell personal finance book. This way, your Ad campaign is totally filtered out to have only focused keywords. Finally, you are driving targeted traffic which converts.

Step 2 : Secret of Ad Text & CTR.

With right keywords, you Ads are shown to the targeted visitors. Now the Ad text which decides the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) of your Ad. What kind of Ad text you should use ? Basically, you Ad should have call-to-action. It should call the visitor to click. You Ad should out stand from other Ads. Its very simple to write an outstanding Ad text. See what others are writing & you write in totally unique way, you Ad definitely gets more clicks. I have tried an experiment to Raise Adwords CTR which nearly doubled my CTR in a day, it may work for you too. This article may help you to Write Text Ads.


Step 3 : Cutting down CPC & Ad Budget.

Cutting down the cost-per-click is the most important step in affiliate marketing through PPC Ads. Because when your CPC is low, you will get higher profits & higher Return-on-Investment (ROI). Your affiliate income margin increases with lower CPC. How to reduce CPC ? There comes the Quality Score (term used in Google Adwords) or Quality Index (term used by Yahoo). Overall, there are 3 major factors that decides the quality score as follows:

  • Having keywords which are closed focused to the landing page.
  • Increased CTR through better Ad text.
  • I would recommend to organize similar keywords into one group with separate Ads for them. Make sure you Ad text should have the keywords too. Create multiple Ad groups.

These articles on Google Quality Score and Improving Yahoo Quality Index may help you better in reducing the CPC and Ad budget.

There are many more factors that decides how much money you make from affiliate marketing. 3 important factors to mention are,

  • Selecting quality affiliate product which solves buyer needs.
  • Finding moderately demanding product instead of going for a high or low demanding market.
  • Landing page optimization specific to the product & targeting geographic locations.

Following these 3 simple steps will help your to increase your affiliate income in few days itself. I have written many articles about Affiliate marketing, you could check the Affiliate category for more useful articles. To mention, the recent post Secret of Making Money Online From Affiliates is worth reading ! Don’t miss it.

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