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3 Steps For Better Affiliate Income From Article Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is one of the interesting ways of making money online. It’s trusted and proven method too because it relays on, how well you are marketing the affiliate product to the visitors. In fact, affiliate marketers are making millions online through paid methods. But always in Internet, we have free methods to drive traffic to your site. Such a pay full method is Article marketing.

Importance of Article Marketing.

Realizing the importance of article marketing is the pre-step for making better affiliate income. Article marketing gives you 100% profit because there is no investment of money. You have to invest your time and write up a great article embedding your affiliate links. So every sale/commission that you earn, counts to 100% profit. I would say, article marketing is more powerful, when compared to PPC Ads too because it involves visitors psychology in selling the product through your affiliate link.

So listing down the importance as:

  • Makes 100% Affiliate profit on every affiliate sale.
  • No need to spend money for marketing your affiliate product.
  • Generates long term traffic free of cost.
  • Helps to promote your other sites/blogs creating back links.

There are much more to discuss but these are the major points to ponder. Lets see those 3 simple steps to make better income.

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3 Pens To 3 Steps :-)
3 Pens To 3 Steps 🙂

Step #1. The psychology of selling affiliate Products.

When it comes to marketing/ selling products, psychology plays a major role. In fact, that’s the truth of marketing. The way, how the message is conveyed to the reader decides the results. Internet users are either information seekers or those who looking for problems. So a product that you want to sell online should guide the user on something or it should solve his problem.

The first step, find out what problem your affiliate product solves. Explore the problem in the article at the every first paragraph. You should explain, what is the real problem that your affiliate product solves ?

The next step is showing the solution. Tell, how the product solves the problem ? The final step, lists down the features of your product and the limitations too. This way, the reader who is looking for a problem will feel that he had found the solution for his problem through your article/product. That’s the psychology of selling.

Step #2 Enforcing SEO in content.

SEO is basically a long term approach and the results are also for long term. It’s totally advantageous than PPC Ads in driving free traffic but it takes time. Instant results can be seen with SEO too by writing articles for well established sites.

Hubpages.com, Squidoo.com are few to mention where the articles are ranked well on search engines. Article marketing and search engines are end-to-end entities and they both should love each other. I mean, your article should get optimized for search engines.

You should do few basic steps like:

  • Select keywords for targeted traffic.
  • Using those keywords in the Title & in the body of the article.
  • Writing relevant sub-headings with related keywords.
  • Write content for the reader in mind.
  • Always, list down the key points instead of writing big paragraphs.
  • Have videos, images in your articles.
  • Don’t over stuff your article with same keywords.

Step #3. Special Tweaks To Double Affiliate Income.

Its time to tweak your article for making more affiliate sales, how to do ?

  • Select Laser Focused keywords with words “buy”, “order”, “purchase” etc. It definitely sends you the right visitors to your article from search engines.
  • Have a video which shows/explains the product, it helps the reader to visualize the product than explaining through words.
  • Have stand out colors for affiliate links, it simply doubles your click-through-rate. Mostly, avoid linking to other sites/articles which are less relevant to your article because you may loose the reader from your page.
  • Explain the problem first and tell the solution showing the affiliate product.
  • Learn How affiliate marketing fails ? It helps to become alert.
  • Always write for readers/buyers and not for search engines.
  • Always promote more than one related product through a single article which creates more chances of sales.
  • Read more Article Marketing Tips here.
  • Learn to Get free traffic for affiliate sales which helps to find out many ways for making 100% profits.

Don’t forget to see the Steps for better affiliate income from PPC Ads.

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