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3 Ideas For Money Making Online In Your Leisure Time Daily


Are you a person finding much leisure time (at least 1-2 hours) everyday ? Then that’s good, you are searching ideas for making money by utilizing that leisure time. You are in the right place and definitely this short articles helps you dear. Internet has the flexibility to work from anywhere and work at anytime. So if you have leisure time, even 1 hour its enough for making money online. Okay, Lets directly go to the ideas.

Money Making Idea #1 – Start Your Own Blog.

Blogs are like your dairy. First, create a free blog from Blogger.com. You have to write articles on a topic that you love or passionate about. Have a writing habit daily in your leisure time and publish useful content on a particular topic every day. For example, if you are interested about Cars then write about cars, new car models, car price, car reviews etc. In a month or two, your blog looks informative on the topic car. And you will get more visitors from search engines who are looking for information about cars.

Now, how do you make money from your blog ? Its simple, sign up for Google Adsense, its free to join. Once joined, you have to place the code on your blog and your blog starts displaying advertisements related to Cars. Whenever your reader clicks on the Ads, you will earn money. Google will directly send your earned money every month by check to your address.

Money Making Idea #2 – Sell Products.

Internet users are either information seekers or product buyers. Now you have to target product buyers. Join  Amazon Affiliates or Clickbank and select digital products and promote them online. How to promote a product on Internet ? First method, join ezinearticles.com, articlebase.com and write review about that product. Insert the amazon product link in that article and whenever a reader goes to amazon and buys any product through your link, you will earn commission. Its great idea, right ? Its simple too, you have to write decent articles so that you will get more readers and more chance for buying products from amazon. Instead of Amazon, you could try Clickbank.com or CJ.com. Its all free to do !

Money Making Idea #3 – Freelancing.

Freelancing is like doing office jobs on Internet. Websites like elance.com, odesk.com are offering online jobs. You can register with them for free and select a job to work. You will be paid money for completed works. It depends on your skill set. If you are good in typing then go for data entry jobs. If you are good in software development then go for programming jobs. They have variety of categories to give jobs. You could definitely use your leisure time useful here because its flexible to work online esp. no tight schedules !

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So we are in the end, i believe you have found 3 useful ideas for making money during your leisure time. Surf through this blog, you will find more interesting and useful stuffs which helps you to spend your time useful by making money online !

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