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3 Best Ideas (BAF) To Earn Money From Internet


Earning money from Internet is not only your aim, there are millions of other people looking for it. Because of the advantages that Internet gives to you, i mean the flexibility to work from anywhere and work at anytime more people are searching about this topic. Also, it becomes your extra income too. Okay, this topic is too much discussed everywhere and there may not be any conclusion. This article concludes the best ideas that suites to anyone who is willing to work from home utilizing the leisure time.

‘BAF’, the new acronym that I introduced in my blog which means, “Blogger n Affiliate n Freelancer”. These are the major triplets of individual online business. I have identified and analyzed numerous money making ideas in Internet. Finally, I concluded that being a blogger or an affiliate marketer or a freelancer are the best ideas ever.

I have discussed much more about these topic and especially to mention, if you are in a dilama better see this article which compares Blogging Vs Affiliate Vs Freelancing. It helps you to find out the advantages and disadvantages of each of these ideas to take a better decision.

To narrate simply, lets see how to play around these methods ? in your life time. So answer me the below two questions:

1) How much time you are ready to spend for online business ?

Time is more important because without time you can’t work on online business. So based on your lifestyle find out the availability of time. I see like if you have 2 hours per day then its well enough to work better on any of these 3 methods.

2) What kind of person & what expectations ?

Expectation decides here. What do you expect from online business ? Either you are expecting income instantly or you are ready to wait and build an income source.

If you want instant income then i would recommend you to go for Affiliate Marketing. In general, affiliate marketing involves simply selecting the affiliate product and selling the product by driving targeted paid traffic. It doesn’t needs much time to work but you have to invest money from your pocket. Otherwise, you could setup an immediate income source without doubts. You have to work less than 30 minutes per day, that’s it. Find out more information on how to start money making as Affiliate Marketer ?

If you are ready to work hard/smart to build your own income system then go for Blogging. First thing about blogging, it need your interest & patience. Yes, you should be ready to invest your time on writing articles on a topic that you like. You have to write for months and years, consistently. But over a period of time, you will see good results. Even i started with nothing and today, this blog has tonnes of resources which helps the individual to build their own online business. I am investing quality work & time for this blog growth. My traffic graph goes up and up every day ! Find out more information on how to start money making as Blogger ? Definitely, you may have to work 1 hour at least per day for your blog. But blogging suites well as your hobby.

The other idea is Freelancing, which is an intermediate method. Because, here if you work you will earn money, if you don’t work you don’t earn money. So its completely flexible to your lifestyle. But you need some work knowledge on the Industry like software programming skills, data entry or typing skills etc. in order to start freelancing career. But to mention, i don’t prefer freelancing to me because of shortage of time. I am not able to spend time for freelancing apart from my day job. So i sticked to blogging. That’s why, availability of Time & Knowledge decides here. Find out more information about money making as freelancer which guides you where to start your freelancing career ?


Okay, now we are in the end of this article and the conclusion is very simple. Find out the availability of time, knowledge and based on your interest you could either do blogging or freelancing or affiliate marketing. The idea of BAF always wins provided you are going in the right direction. BAF yields you the expected money every month and it changes your life style going forward. So if you not into BAF already, start today ! don’t wait for anything…win your Time !


  1. Wow, wonderful blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is wonderful, as well as the content!

    • Hi Donya Isaak, I have been blogging for almost 2 Years and still keeping my learning curve up 🙂 Thanks for your comment.


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