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3 Freelancer Way of Time Management Techniques


Freelancing is one of the quality income stream for an individual working from home. The advantage of working with freelancing web sites: you could work at anytime in your own convenience. You will get multiple opportunities to work. One of the disadvantage that i would tell here is: You will earn only when you work….

Okay, so when there are more opportunities available to you. There comes the trouble in managing Time !

Yes, Time will become one of the biggest problem. You could not widen your freelancing work, you could not spend more time for multiple opportunities.

  • I gone through the web for time management stuffs and found many useful articles. Today, i will consolidate them to you along in the end with 3 ways of Time Management !

Plan Your Work Style.

Planning is more important in life. Especially, when you freelance in part-time, definitely you have to plan your works.

  • Simple way, just list down the activities that you are going to do for a day. This may help you to understand first, how the day goes ?

Planning is a best practice which ultimately helps you to become productive as well as in avoiding stress. Because, when you involve in part-time jobs, its an extra overhead to your life. At the same time, when you plan for it, every thing becomes easier.

  • Once your list is ready, prioritize it. Find out the most important task, generally, you don’t need to disturb your day-job work. Other than that, if you have any work, prioritize it. While prioritizing, Fix the Time.

Yes, for example: “i will do this work at this time”. It has advantages: when you fix time for your work, you will be in a clear position to start the work as well as in finishing the work on time because you have Deadline.

  • Important: when you plan, you must stick to it. Many people do planning well, they never execute it ๐Ÿ™‚

As far as freelancing is concerned, always fix your working time. For example, fix 2 hours early in the morning every day before going to your day job or fix it in the evening after day job.

  • Don’t do stuffs in hurry especially in break times !

If you switch on your PC to do your freelance work, switch it OFF only after finishing the work.

  • Plan to spend good time with your friends/family that’s more important in life than anything ๐Ÿ™‚

Allocate More Time, Is It Possible?

Time is the major demanding factor here.

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Where's the Time ?
Where's the Time ?

When you have enough Time, you could spend more time on your freelance work and you could make more money ! Finding time is difficult for you. When you plan, it is possible to allocate more time. Yes, once you plan the day, execute it and do the same for a week or two. Definitely, not all days are same. Some day, you will find more time and the other day, you may end up in trouble. This happens to every one and its part of life.

In this situation, how do you allocate more time ? Its possible, by finding Gaps.

  • Find out on which day of the week, you are being comfort.
  • Find out, how you are wasting your time ?

Also, think the possibilities of working at morning (if you usually work at night) or vice versa. Other way, you could slowly increase your working hours. If you are able to spend at least an extra 30 minutes per day, it adds 2.5 to 3 hours for a week.

These are few of the effective techniques to allocate more time for your freelancing work. Generally, people do spend more time on week ends but i would suggest, keep it balance with the week day and week end.

Keep It Simple (& Comfort).

Comfortableness is the positive state of being relax and feeling no stress. Not every one will be in this state and not every day you will be in this state. Merely, being comfort is important and you should practice yourself to be comfort. It may not happen suddenly and you have to practice yourself to keep comfort.

One simple step that you could take, Keep It Simple !

Yes, by keeping things simpler, you could make everything comfort. As a freelancer, don’t get into messy stuffs which breaks your comfortableness.

For example, don’t take a job opportunity where you don’t know anything or you have limited knowledge. Just go for the opportunities where you are more experienced and comfort.

  • Many of the beginner freelancers are doing this mistake: without a complete work knowledge, they will get into a job and mess it out. Don’t be like that when you are doing it part-time.
  • Secondly, keep an eye on the Deadlines. When you become an experienced freelancer, you could understand all these stuffs. Don’t take offers which are out of your control: where you have to complete the job in lesser time.
  • Try to keep a mutualness between Deadlines and the Time you spend for freelancing.

As promised, here are the good collection of Time Management articles to help you further:


Remember the old saying, Time is Gold.

The amount of quality Time you spend for your freelancing career decides your income and your Knowledge decides how well you complete the assigned jobs ! Work with right knowledge on the planned time, you will be in always comfort and enjoying the work.

Don’t just work for Money. Keep money aside, focus on the work, you will be automatically making more money !

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  1. I also believe in the saying that “Time is Money”. As a freelance writer the more I get clients the more I earn. Thatโ€™s why I manage time efficiently and effectively. With the help of a time management tool I list my entire tasks on it and set an estimated amount of time when working on each task. This way I can limit wasted time and stay focus more on work. The key that I can follow scheduled task and finish it on time is with discipline. It also helps me ignore work distractions. I also stop procrastination this way I can do more work and meet deadlines.


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