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2 Reasons Why Search Engines Are Stupid ?


Search Engines are playing a major role in providing useful information and solving problems for the Internet users. Life had changed drastically with search engines and for every silly information people started using search engines. It has the capability to solve many of our problems. So do you think its intelligent ? or making yourself stupid ?

But in general, i could think of 2 reasons that strongly tells Search Engines Are Stupid, when seen from technical angle. With a software developer in mind, i could see search engines are stupids. How ?

Reason #1: Why Do You Optimize For Search Engines ?

Search Engine Optimization is one of the biggest fun for webmasters (web site owners). When you are designing a web site, you have to optimize it for search engines. When you publish a content, you have to optimize for search engines. Atleast, if you are serving 90% of the visitors needs, the remaining 10% webmasters are serving for search engines.

The point is simple, webmasters are optimizing their site & content for search engines because seach engines are not really capable to find out, what is useful ? what is useless ? We have to feed them with information in specially formatted manner. That means, search engines could not understand non-optimized content/site & they are stupid !

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Do You Agree ?

Reason #2: Human Developed Softwares.

Even though search engines are solving our problems, its a piece of computer software development by humans. Humans are born to make errors ! And how you do trust that search engines are 100% right always ? They are controlled by a set of humans which in turn controls the rest of world. Because the service offered by search engines are valuable to the visitor and they may be incorrect.

People should not believe search engines 100% of the time. Like human Search Engines are born to error ! Because web sites & their content are optimized intentionally for search engines. You cannot blame the webmasters because they need visitors from search engines and search engine needs information.

Now Visitors are in between looking for the information which may go wrong or you may not get the right information ! Thats the reason, Search engines are stupid.

Wait, i am not against search engines and i know how valuable service they are making to the public.

But if you think from this angle like me, you will say Search Engines are Stupid because web sites are optimized specially for them & they are served to visitors (the actual stupid) who are looking for information.

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