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2 Major Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Fails And How To Overcome failure ?


Affiliate marketing is one of the interesting online business especially for beginners. Because, its quite easy to operate if you are selling others product. Just you have to pick a demanding product from an affiliate network, promote the product, sit and earn money. In practical, you could do this in a day. And the next day, you could see that traffic floods in and your clickbank account rolls in with money. Is that true ?

Yes and No, there are two answers. Because, failure depends on 2 major factors which every affiliate marketer should consider. Its a game between loss and profit because you have to invest money for Advertisements or even if you promote an affiliate product using free methods failures are applicable. Knowing that, how do affiliate marketing fails may help you to overcome the failure yourself towards success.

Lets see those 2 major reasons & how to overcome ?

Reason #1 – Not Enough Targeted Traffic.

Traffic is the source of income. Affiliate marketing fails, if you are not able to send traffic to your affiliate link. What if, even after sending 1000 visitors, your affiliate marketing fails ? That means you are not sending targeted visitors (one of the main reason).

Recently, i have classified the Kind of traffic into 3 types:

  • Surfer Traffic.
  • Research Traffic.
  • Buyer Traffic.

First, decide the kind of traffic you need to sell your product. Generally, research traffic & buyer traffic buys products from you. How do you control that reception of traffic ? Through keywords. Yes, keywords places a major role in sending the required traffic either research or buyer traffic.

  • For PPC Promotion. If you are promoting an affiliate product using Google Adwords or YSM then keep eye on the keywords that you select. Keep only laser focused keywords and remove those unrelated keywords. For example, “buy best selling finance book” is more targeted than “finance book”.
  • For SEO Promotion. If you are selling affiliate products through Article Marketing then again keep eye on the keywords, title & the content. Practically speaking, your article should address the problem of the buyer. Internet users are information seekers or solution seekers. Address the visitor problem through an affiliate product is the most intelligent marketing strategy. Use laser focused keywords on the title and in the body of the content without over stuffing those keywords.

This way, you will get only targeted visitors to your affiliate link. Getting 10 targeted visitors is more better than getting 1000 untargeted visitors. Go and filter the keywords now. Learn How to select keywords for targeted traffic ?

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Beauty of Failure
Beauty of Failure

Reason #2 – Not Enough Intelligence To Sell.

Selling is an Art. You have to apply intelligence in showing the affiliate product to the visitors.

The first and foremost:

If you are able to answer YES for both of the questions then you are doing affiliate marketing rightly. Otherwise, work to make your answer YES. As i mentioned earlier, Internet users are solution seekers and you have to address their problem showing your affiliate product. Thats the magic.

  • Next comes the Sales page. A perfect sales/landing page is the one which clearly tells the purpose of the product. Before selecting an affiliate product from clickbank or cj, don’t forget to check the Quality of sales page. Assume, you are buyer and see the landing page. In the end, see what do you feel about the product ? Based on that take a decision.

If you are doing Article marketing to sell affiliate products then keep the visitor/buyer in mind, while writing the content. Finally, paying attention to quality affiliate product & targeted traffic is well enough to overcome the failures.



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