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10 Best Motivational Podcasts for Entrepreneurs


Both seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs have a wealth of online motivational material available to them. Podcasts are quickly becoming a popular medium with which to get inspired when it comes to running one’s own business. Leaving the traditional world of employment in order to start a business can seem overwhelming at times, and the following ten podcasts are must-views for moments when an entrepreneur of any experience may need a mental boost.podcasts

Jimmy Wales Interview

Mixergy.com brings together business owners to provide guidence based on their own experiences and ideas. Contributors share the inspirations that fuel them to keep going with their ventures. The first podcast recommended from this site entails an interview with Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. Wales describes how he started without a business plan, how his first internet venture failed, and what any Internet start-up owner can learn from the open source software movement.

Dane Maxwell Interview

This entrepreneur tells mixergy how his systematic approach of building meaningful leads works. He maintains that new entrepreneurs can find it easy to get bogged down in details such as the numbers of visitors to their websites. Focusing on building and maintaining a range of business relations is a key factor to long-term success and profits.

Cubicle Escape’s Pilot Podcast

This site features an extensive archive of podcasts related to all aspects of starting a business, aimed at those who have just started out. The first podcast here for aspiring entrepreneurs is the pilot podcast that focuses successfully on “bootstrapping” a business, meaning to start it up with no initial capital. New business owners should listen to this podcast before the rest, such bootstrapping is a concept that will come up several times in other podcasts.

Mind Your Business Parts 1-3

This three-part podcast gets into the details of the many different hats that a new entrepreneur will need to wear at different times, including those of salesperson and accountant. Topics include recommended reading, business plan basics, and creating a distinctive brand image.

Jeff Mills Interview

This site’s podcasts are definitely geared towards the beginning entrepreneurs who are facing roadblocks and challenges along the way. This pilot podcast invites entrepreneur Jeff Mills to recount his experience of the transition from being an employee to being a business owner. Mills offers sound advice in terms of increasing productivity each day and for reducing the stress that accompanies a new start-up venture.

Charles Pascal Interview

In this podcast, Pascal describes some common pitfalls for the new entrepreneur as well as carefully-planned steps to avoid them. Many of these problems are not obvious at first, so he offers several tips for spotting them early in the planning process. Making this measure a priority will prevent more serious future troubles that many new businesses can face.

Rafat Ali Interview

Venturevoice is another podcast show that turns to the experts for advice and input when it comes to entrepreneurship. Rafat Ali of paidContent.com details how he began with literally no money and built a profitable site dedicated to all things related to digital media. He stresses that starting entrepreneurs should pay attention to timing as far as industry trends and get their own finances in good order before any new business venture.

Reid Hoffman Interview

Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn explains how he saw a need for a professional-oriented networking site and created one. One of his business goals was to dispel some incorrect views of networking and create a virtual space for professionals to share contacts and ideas. Hoffman attributes his success to finding a niche in the Internet industry that will continue to grow as more professionals will be creating visible web presences.

Enthusiasm For Business and Life

This site is a must for those who may want to go into an internet business for themselves but feel stuck and overwhelmed due to the dearth of information out there, some sources more credible than others. The podcast to start with concerns ways to stay positive and passionate about a business venture. Attitude counts for a great deal of eventual success, and this podcast relates several simple ways to maintain it even in the midst of difficulties.

Katie Freling Interview

This podcast does much to provide some positive outlook for those start-up entrepreneurs who may be facing fear and uncertainty. Freling stresses that personal development should be a part of entrepreneurship at any stage, and she also offers ways to keep tapping inner sources of creativity and motivation.


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